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They're stunned, STUNNED

By Michael J. Smith on Friday June 23, 2006 04:03 PM

Alan Smithee writes:
Ran across this piece of journalistic naifishness on a dem echo chamber site called Alternet and just had to share:

Are the Dems committing fraud to keep a peace candidate off the ballot?

To which I had to chortle - Is the Pope a bear? It goes on to detail the usual dem ballot shenanigans, the kind that went on all through 2004, as if this were some new and rare case of democrat party electoral skullduggery instead of business as usual. Amazing!

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js paine:

wet hen that i am
this really is
gets me up on the hind legs

to me
as a Democrat
due process
competitive electoralism
requires open ballot access

its one thing
to blather about spoilers and lesser evil- ism
its quite another
to take the choice away from We the people
by back stage fix-its

to all big D Dems
who aren't little d dems

as a candidate
and party official :
candidates and

OR LOSE MY VOTE for ever

Alan got acused of being a right-winger !!!

Hey, if Alternet says so, it must be true.

Ban him. Ban him so fast, we'll all be eating tomorrow's breakfast yesterday.

Actually, I heard from a friend of mine (although I haven't been in touch with him lately) that they're one of the boards that bans people for, you know, telling too much of that nasty uncomfortable truth about the Democrats.

I also think a lot of the 'shocked that the Dems would do this!' style of reporting comes from the idea that it's more comfortable to treat what really happens, as an anomaly in the system instead of the typical functioning of it-because if (or rather, since) this is how it functions typically, then an entirely new system is necessary.

Personally, I think progress will only come through Ass Extinction.

js paine:

DH writes:

"it's more comfortable
to treat what really happens, as an anomaly in the system instead of
the typical functioning
of it"

reversal of the geek defense

a feature is here called a bug

If nothing else had convinced me that DBH has the right idea, reading the warmed-over blather from "harpy" over there would certainly have convinced me. Did Moebius use a machine to go forward in time to pwog blogs when he sought inspiration for his famous strip ?

Why is it that Demo pols must be nutured and protected from real challenges on their left, when they do nothing to protect the folks protecting them ? Can't these folks ever think of anything better to do than sneer at people who want the war ended and a hike in the minimum wage as the products of "boutiques" ? (Holly Sklar on Dissident Voice pointed out a couple of days ago that the Red/Blue monolith just found time to raise its own salary again. Nothing "boutique" about that, I guess...) Why is it so hard for them to admit their own complicity in this mess ?

My head hurts.

If I had ample time and resources to recruit potential voters and activists wherever I wanted to, I definitely wouldn't waste time in echo-chambers like Alternet. I am so bloody sick and tired of their collossial laziness, stupidity, bullying, guilt-mongering and above all-- their smug, implacable belief that their overlords own anybody whose ever voiced a progressive view or voted Dem. I'd go among non-voters before I'd waste time with these people. They need more deprogramming than any of us can provide, I fear. If you caught a non-voter before he or she started reading the tracts, you might have a chance. With pwogs, there ain't even that much to hope for...

To be fair, anyone who disagrees with whatever pwog meme is making the rounds is inevitably called a 'rightwing paid Rovian spy' or some such paranoid drivel. That goes for any of the democrat echochamber stys...er...sites.

I wonder how much Rove pays. I got a call the other day from some "mystery shopper" service that will send me to Mal-Wart to pose as an outraged blouse purchaser or whatever-- So I can write a report decreeing whether the hapless clerk I talked to was sufficiently contrite and humble when confronted with my wrath. This service named me some princely flat fee in the low one-hundreds when I enquired about along those lines.

Do you think this could provide valuable training for my future career with Karl ? :p

P.S.-- A.S., I gave your Red Scorpion review a boffo boost on my LJ.

Cheers Ms. Xeno! :-) As my nieces would say: "You Rawk!"

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