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Beating the bounds

By Michael J. Smith on Monday July 3, 2006 10:13 PM

Tim D writes:
This is from my Democratic congressman, Dutch Ruppersberger - perhaps the most reprehensible Democrat in the House honestly. Looks like he has a new plan for Iraq. The "Perimeter Plan" as he callls it. I'm guessing it will be seized upon by Hillary and co. pretty soon.

-----Original Message-----
From: Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger [mailto:imamd02@mail.house.gov]
Sent: Mon 7/3/2006 1:27 PM
Subject: Iraq Update from Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger

Dear Mr. D:

... After returning from my fourth visit to Iraq on June 4, 2006 as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I believe it is time to adopt a new strategy to secure the peace and bring our troops home. Our servicemen and women are doing a remarkable job under tough circumstances. However, they are still policing and patrolling Iraq's urban areas; a dangerous job that should be carried out by Iraqi security forces, not American troops

For this reason, I am advocating a new strategy for Iraq called the Perimeter Plan, which I have presented to President Bush, U.S. Commanders and Generals, and Iraqi leaders.

Under the Perimeter Plan, Iraqi forces will take over policing operations in urban areas so that American troops can move to the outskirts of the cities: away from suicide bombers and IEDs (roadside bombs). U.S. and Coalition forces will be ready to backup Iraqi troops when needed but security will be provided by the Iraqi military. We have trained the Iraq military for more than two years; it is time to cut the apron strings.

I do not believe we should set a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq. Setting a withdrawal date would jeopardize military operations and would help insurgents prepare for an escalated offensive after our departure.

Changing the mission of U.S. forces, redeploying them to perimeter areas, and lowering the profile of the U.S. forces in urban areas will break the dependency the Iraqi military has on U.S. forces. This Perimeter Plan is the first step in bringing our troops home.

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When will those pratfalling ingrates get their act together and allow us to discontinue this thankless job of providing for their security... WE ARE A GENEROUS PEOPLE, BUT OUR GRACIOUSNESS HAS ITS LIMITS, YA KNOW.

The same breathtaking "anti-imperialist" line that came from the mouth of Schumer on one of the Sunday morning dumbo shows.

js paine:

ole dutch
looks to have that
hubert the hump humphrey
magic thing going eh ??

could be the humps
more regular
tougher but nicer
sort of cream puff
he don't got that
clutch cargo lipless
tire tube nasty sissy mouth
his pop worked us over with for the worse part
of three decades

i guess
"takes after his mother some "

J. Alva Scruggs:

By invading their country, we enabled a condition of sloth and fecklessness. Isn't that always the way things work out? It's a damn shame, but what can you do. You try to help people, rape them a little and so forth, and the ingrates turn all lazy and cowardly.

Well I say it's time they left the nest. The freeloading has got to stop. We'll set up secure hamlets, that's the ticket, right out there on the perimeter. Mommy will still be there if she's needed, but she's going to be carrying a lead-filled rolling pin from now on. Don't you make her spank now, y'all hear?


This is actually Rep. Murtha's plan, if I recall correctly. "redeploy",
"over the horizon" were his euphemisms for it. We'd better get used to it. Who even knows about Camp Bondsteel (Kosovo) any more? Biggest US overseas base, at the moment.


Perimeter Plan aka "don't shoot at my ass, shoot at his" plan

This is kind of cut and walk away slowly. I like cutting and running better.

Tim D:

No Murtha's plan was to withdraw troops from Iraq to regional perimeters: i.e. our bases in friendly countries. That would be a good first step and could be done immediately.


Yeah, the US stormtroopers surround the city and then the quisling death squads go in and kill everyone in sight, Sabra-Shatila-style. Sounds like a peace plan to me, the people are very peaceful after all

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