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JSP loses it, and who can blame him

By Owen Paine on Tuesday July 4, 2006 12:09 PM

I've been staring at that muffin-headed nerd, that acolyte of spineless guile and goo-goo, that purveyor of false hope and "in the know" I-don't-know nebulosity, pictured as the author of the Howie vs Rahm update.

Senor don Miguel de la Smiffiosa -- no more such delusion-mongering here. Please Father Smiff, I can't take the bottled-up wrath it induces in me. Either that or have two sites, one for the tough and one for the likes of me -- tender rageniks in need of some digital equivalent of cool bland food and a reclining chair.

What a fury this popinjay provokes in me -- you can see from the puff of his mouth region, he knows nothing, and yet sez candy and crap about it.

And here's the real gut flamer -- he gets to stare out at me anyway, like I just asked him to help me cheat on the chem final.

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If you take off your glasses and stare at Berman's photo until your eyes glaze over a bit, you might see a resemblance to Thomas Friedman there.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Oh, god -- no! I feel sick too. Bob is right.


JAS -- No shit, this made me laugh till the tears came to my eyes. I think what we need now is a retrostruction of Tom -- say, as a senior in high school.

J. Alva Scruggs:

I don't hate you, JSP. I want you to know that. I simply can't resist linking this picture.

js paine:

flat tom deserves
a good deal worse
than pix trix

i'm not amused
want to please me here
give me
a shot
his eye eaten out head
on a pole
partially obscured
by a swarm of horse fies

I think you guys are way too hung up on physiogamy. I have a picture somewhere from a camping trip last year where I look sort of like Rove, only with early Kenny G's hair. But I'm still a swell person who is adored by her cats, despite being unable to become famous or rule the world.

Perhaps Ari will grow out of his current phase...


Ms X -- I'll take the Rove/Kenny G look on faith, without trying to visualize it. But even if your description is accurate, I bet you didn't have such a doughy dim-bulb expression on your face.

Well, no, MJS. More like that beleaguered look, plus that rosy complexion couch potatoes are wont to get when we haul our thick, aging carcasses up rocky inclines for half an hour or so.

Though doubtless persuading The Nation that I arrived at my grumpiness honestly would be an even steeper uphill climb. Certainly their blessedly-dead discussion board took its physical toll on me, back in bad old 2000. :p

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