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Beauty and the beast

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday July 6, 2006 11:40 AM

According to the AP, la belle Barbara Boxer (left, a very unflattering photo) will be campaigning for that repulsive little ball of filth Joe Lieberman (below, a very flattering photo) in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

Well do I recall the Kosniks' tumultuous welcome for Boxer in Las Vegas; she's the pwogs' Joan of Arc. And here she is campaigning for the pwogs' Beelzebub. I think we have finally found the elusive Democratic "message"; it runs something like this -- "Let's keep each other in office."

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js paine:

just what does mister joe
mean by "a higher loyalty"
then "party"

i assume he means what any momma's golden boy means

ME and
my little joe-mentum

but say there is something else in his mind
then the MOI

what could it be ???

at least what "higher loyalty "
not shared by his primary opponent ??

women ?
labor ?

lamont's there too

so what joe ???

empire ?????

zion ?????


You couldnt have said it better! The whole point of being in congress, aside from vanity, is being in position to do people favors (preceded by free plane rides, golf outings, lavish parties and nominal jobs for your spouse and offspring. Who cares whether you're in the minority party?

J. Alva Scruggs:

I suppose it only matters when they start to lose so many seats that the crony pool finds it hard to take care of its own.


I have been in the "why even bother to vote?" category since 2004. All of this nonsense just confirms my decision.

Do I care? I used to, but not anymore. A candidate does nothing for me, I feel the candidate should not be rewarded with my vote.

Wish there was a "none of the above" choice on the ballot! (But, Diebold would probably rip that off too.)

J. Alva Scruggs:

I theorize that vote-rigging has to be kept within "decent" limits, or the disparities are too much for even the most uncritical and servile. So a punitive vote against donks, to cost them seats, is still worthwhile. Staying at home works too.

Interesting bit of trivia.

Boxer campaigned FOR a pardon for Jonathan Pollard, Feinstein against.

Tim D:

Keeping each other in office has always been their goal - especially at the representative level. Why else bother with all the quid pro quo gerrymandering? I mean really, can you imagine a greater sinecure than the office of state senator or house rep? I mean you get long vacations, you have a lot of control over when and how much your raise will be and you don't have to do a damn thing the customer tells you...

js paine:

" I think we have finally found the elusive Democratic "message"; it runs something like this -- "Let's keep each other in office."

i can live with that

once the massive shift
in the electorate
makes this mean somthin prog like
must hop forth.....
why this bald fact needs hammering
is there are folks in the rising generation who might think
bi partisanship meant something better
then this
and partisanship some thing else

Yeah, it's kind of like Russ Feingold coming to Seattle to campaign for Maria Cantwell. Of course, they didn't appear in the same hall together; he just urged his adoring fans to go doorbell for her and proceeded out into the neighborhood to show 'em how. Oh, perfidy, thy name is Democrat.

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