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Sauce for the goose...

By Owen Paine on Tuesday July 4, 2006 02:35 PM

Joe has the guts to say he'll keep going if he loses the Democratic primary -- why not Lamont? Is careerist self-interest a better motive to transcend party loyalty than an end to slaughter?

My hope -- Lieb loses the primary, wins the general, and is welcomed back by the poxed swine now at the party's Washington hub. Then we all can launch for higher ground and leave this infested horror of hackery to its bloody crimes in the name of humanity.

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Ah yes! Bring on Lieberman's triumphant return to the Democrat party after unfortunately turning traitor. The new Alcibiades, he turns his coat because it's the only way to prove his loyalty, and the Athenian democrats are so desperate they'll beg him to help.

"Keep the war going, Alcibiades, we know you have the power to win it! After all, you beat us!"

I agree... what a wearing move the little napoleon and his backers have brought to the table.



come on, JS! There is no "higher ground". We have to stay here and fight, either through the national Democratic party, or on a purely local level. There's lots to be done on the local level, at the least to get ready for the coming anarcho-tribal societies that will follow the debacle of peak oil (see Thom Hartman, e.g.)
And dont get hung up on Lieberman (lover-man, I think that means in German); there are many other two-faced, treacherous democrats to out -- diane Feinstein, for example, or Joe Biden, or Evan Bayh. there's a lot of work to be done to uncover the conflicts of interest behind all of those.
if nothing else, we can join cindy Sheehan in fasting for the next two weeks.

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