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From Boxer to pit bull

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 19, 2006 08:24 AM

Just ran across this unsurprising but accurate UPI report, with the stop-the-presses headline "Experts: Islam-U.S. relations at nadir." You don't say. Among other gems:
The Israeli attack on Lebanon with apparent American blessing only reinforces that view [i.e. negative attitudes toward the US], said Muqtedar Khan, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a periodic adviser to the White House.

"The way we have abandoned Lebanon, I'm not very sure if any moderate Muslims will be able to take a risk (and move toward democracy,)" he said.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., disputed that point, saying the Israeli attack was a result of Hezbollah's aggression, and Iranian patronage.

So -- is anybody really surprised that likable, humane, witty Barbara Boxer, Marin County arch-liberal, has lined right up with the other bloody-jowled dawgs of war -- the Liebermans, the Clintons -- in howling her approval of whatever monstrosity Israel chooses to commit? Can I have a show of hands, please? What, nobody? -- Oh, there you are, Kos. Thanks for your candor.

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Tim D:

I like this line:

"Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., disputed that point, saying the Israeli attack was a result of Hezbollah's aggression, and Iranian patronage."

It certainly needs to be juxtaposed with this comment from Robert Fisk in the Independent on Sunday:

The Israelis were yesterday trumpeting the fact that the missile [that sunk their Hetz class warship] was made in Iran as proof of Iran's involvement in the Lebanon war. This was odd reasoning. Since almost all the missiles used to kill the civilians of Lebanon over the past four days were made in Seattle, Duluth and Miami in the United States, their use already suggests to millions of Lebanese that America is behind the bombardment of their country [emphasis mine].
Arthur Gilroy:

Want to understand Hillary, Boxer, et al?

Follow the money. They are.

If the Mafia contributed the same amount of money to their campaigns as do suppoprters of Israel, if its public face occupied a similarly "respectable" place in the society, why...they'd be speaking up against the RICO laws.

Until all campaigns are publicly financed this same sort of special interest lobbying will be successful. It is simply too expensive to be elected Senator or President for it to work any OTHER way.


That's all they wrote.

NO balances. Just checks.


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