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Joe the Undead

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday August 9, 2006 12:11 PM

Others may be singing requiems for old Joe Liebermaniac, but not The New Republic. Thus "senior editor" Ryan Lizza:
Some Democratic Senators will endorse Lamont this morning, but don't expect much more than a press release. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has no intention of throwing any real money at Lamont. "This race will have zero bearing on who controls the Senate after Election Day in November," says a top Democrat involved in Senate campaign strategy. "Why would we spend money defending a seat that will be blue either way?..."

This is music to the Lieberman campaign's ears. It's counting on top Democrats to change the subject quickly. "A bunch of Democrats out of obligation will endorse Lamont, and then they will disappear," says a senior Lieberman aide. "They will nominally endorse him and then head for the hills."

He seems to be right. Washington Democrats aren't interested in fighting another round with Lieberman.... They ... reject the idea that the primary changes the Iraq debate: "Our Iraq policy has been driven by [Harry] Reid and [Carl] Levin. To be honest, they could give a rat's ass about the blogs."

Well, who do they give a rat's ass about? We certainly know the answer to that one as far as the New Republic itself is concerned.

If this Lizza cat is onto anything at all -- if he's not just gabbling Peretz-ite wishful thinking -- then it would seem to follow that Reid and Levin and the party not only don't give a rat's ass about the blogs, they don't give a rat's ass about the public. Lizza writes,

... Lamont's small margin of victory has failed to impress the commentariat, which was ready for a blowout after seeing Lamont's gaping thirteen-point lead last week.
If Lizza is correct about the "commentariat," the thinking would seem to be that the narrow margin shows the war isn't very important to people, or that it won't be a serious liability to War Party Number Two in November.

I certainly hope this is a misculculation -- and I certainly hope it's a miscalculation the Democrats are really making, and it's not just a hothouse fantasy of the New Republic likudniks. How I would love to see the War Democrats sail serenely into November, confident that they had a hundred fathoms under their keel, only to go hard aground on the uncharted -- and for them, unchartable, incomprehensible, impossible -- reef of public disgust.

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Michael Hureaux Perez:

I, too, welcome the defeat of Joey the Lie, and quite agree with you that next should roll the head of Big Bitch Rodham. I've not forgotten the debacle her very nomination to the senate seat was in NY when I lived there six years ago. Further, I see her punk friends up to their old tricks in the refusal of Time Warner to give her primary opponent time in the debates.

What cowards the "democrats" are. May they crash and burn on their present course forever.----mhp

jesus reyes:

That rat-assed infested left blogbollah insurgency, it's on!, by g-d. We're not going to let our golden boy go down, why, he was a vp nominee for chrissake. We were going to run him again in '08.

Lizza left out another reason why the DCCC isn't going to waste any money on this race. Lamont has somewhere between $100 - $300 million of his own and his family comes from old-time money. He doesn't need any, thankyouverymuch.

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