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Next tumbril, please

By Owen Paine on Wednesday August 9, 2006 11:37 AM

Now that Joemental-illness is gone, St Hill's head must be next.

Her march to easy victory in November must be so badly mired down that she can't even conceive of a probable path to the party nomination for prez.

We must be very clear here and stay on mission. Electing Lamont is nonsense. Defeating the hawk donks is our appointed task, and the pumpkin-head from the House of Rodham is target numero uno.

Let "los de abajo" -- those from down below-- be heard! No more war mules.

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Amen to that. Let's throw all the fuckers out. Gosh, I'm getting excited about electoral politics again. I might even vote!

In fact, I would if I were in New York. Still, the thought that I could do some damage to Peloisi and DiFi...hmmmm.

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