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Let me 'splain it to you

By Owen Paine on Wednesday August 2, 2006 10:56 PM

Now we get to see the Cuba lobby in action again -- they've been lying pretty low since the Elian Gonzales fiasco. Here's Mr Y's take, reconstructed as usual from my Oblomovian memory:
Now that the Maximum Leader may be headed off for his Olympian symposium with Marx, and Lenin, and Mao -- oh to be a fly on the wall -- the corporate titans, needless to say, can't wait to "intervene", though they probably would buy a China model -- for a while. Or at least say they would. The Miami junto in exile, however, want a decapitation of the party state.

Either way it goes, Bush is off balance already, so it will be fun to watch another reactionary "national lobby," like the old China lobby, play its hand in an open congress.

Then again, it hardly seems likely that a little China 90 miles away has a future -- especially if Hurricane Hugo isn't blown out soon. More likely that little China will be presented as a little North Korea to the innocent American mass millions.

Then again, again, the clock ticks forever on, and the junto in exile may see its issimo loco dissolve away as market opportunities emerge back home for the unfanatical bulk of the Cuban-American community.

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Why exactly do we think that when Castro goes the Cuban state will fall apart?
Aren't we succombing to the myth of the brutal dictator holding a rickety state together?
Hasnt Cuba developed institutions, laws, agencies, interests, a military, and more than that, national pride and revolutionary consciousness, that will hold it together after Castro?
Furthermore, Cuba now has an influential friend, in Chavez.

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