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Rahm: spinning like a top

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday August 9, 2006 09:15 AM

Here's boy genius Rahm Emanuel's take on the Lieberman debacle, quoted in Rolling Stone online:
“This shows what blind loyalty to George Bush and being his love child means. This is not about the war. It’s blind loyalty to Bush.”
"Not about the war," eh Rahm? Well, it's easy enough to see why you might want to think so.

Apparently intending to be complimentary, The Rolling Stone writer sagely comments,

Emanuel’s as smart as the Democrats have got.
... which is true enough, but in a sense that the RS commentator hasn't quite grasped.

Speaking of boy geniuses, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga approvingly quotesEmanuel's comment, and adds some wonderful silliness of his own:


People-powered politics.

Talk about spin. Kos himself, half a breath before this monumental piece of foolishness, observed that Lamont was a wealthy man who dropped a couple mil of his own money in this race. Does Kos' idea of "people-powered" politics include a dependence on the kindness of millionaires? Rich-people-powered politics, is that what he means?

It gets better:


Hillary, Bayh, and Edwards, who moved most aggressively to embrace Lamont after the winner was called.

Huh? If the Lieberman defeat means anything at all, it means something rather ominous for bloody-handed fanatical War Democrats. But Kos has so immersed himself in tactical, inside-baseball minutiae that the only thing he pays attention to is the Brownian movement of minute-by-minute positioning. Hillary a "winner" in the Lieberman defeat? That one really takes the Microscopic Eye to see.

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Ko$ was going to declare VICTORY! no matter what happened in CT yesterday. That's his fuction as head democrat internet cheerleader. Rahm, however, must be worried for his surviving prowar Sockpuppets (two of which were stamped flat in Michigan yesterday in the same district.)

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