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A bit of blogrolling

By Michael J. Smith on Friday September 29, 2006 12:35 PM

Those fine chaps Cockburn and St Clair have published another little you-are-there piece by yours truly. Everybody go buy their books.

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A good read, Michael. From the sound of things, Mearsheimer wasn't very vigorous in putting his case, but then his and Walt's entire argument has proceeded methodically and without sensation (your "naturalist's gaze" was so apt). The passion has been provided by what we might call the professional deniers, who have everything to gain by drowning the discussion in choler.

Judt is a very able writer--was he much of a presence on stage?

As to the glass's measure, Philip Weiss noted on his blog that it still takes the London Review of Books to bring even this much debate to our shores.


Judt was good, yeah. Made some very telling points. He was the one insisting that the US could and should "force" Israel to change its ways, which got Ben-Ami gabbling like Toto in The Palm Beach Story.

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