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The after-orgasms continue

By Michael J. Smith on Friday September 29, 2006 12:47 PM

Thus E J Dionne, in the WashPost:
Why Bill Clinton Pushed Back

Bill Clinton's eruption on "Fox News Sunday" last weekend over questions about his administration's handling of terrorism was a long time coming and has political implications that go beyond this fall's elections.

By choosing to intervene in the terror debate in a way that no one could miss, Clinton forced an argument about the past that had up to now been largely a one-sided propaganda war waged by the right....

Propagandistic accounts need to be challenged, systematically and consistently. The debate needed a very hard shove. Clinton delivered it.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

Read these very carefully:

Resentful west spurned Sudan's key terror files

Letter from Gen. Partin to U.S. Sen. Trent Lott


Half a million dead Iraq babies and Allbright thinks it's worth it. Clinton still leads Shrub by a wide margin for the number of dead Iraqi civilians.

j s paine:

please no more of this

send this yeller belly
with his
shameless wax nosed oinkery
straight to
the roasting pit

ah yes
but for the biblical taboo ...

the bastard oughta be
cooked up to a turn
then greedily
sectioned off
and devoured

palm sized sea shells

gobble gobble gobble

like a sizzlin' fiji pig

god. Poor E J.

I remember at the height of Schiavo, he wrote a column on being a Catholic. Who fucking cares?

It was so New Dem.

Bubba Clinton "intervened in the terror debate in a way no one could miss"?

I don't know about debate, but I sure as hell couldn't miss him.

The chances of any real debate about any important issues during this "election" campaign were already slim to none; then here came Bill Clinton to totally destroy that chance with his pointy finger and his friggin' big mouth.

Hot damn, here's Bill Clinton, back again to suck all the oxygen out of the room -- and piss in the pool while he's at it.

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