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beating around the Bush

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday September 21, 2006 06:07 PM

A recent comment here directed my attention to a site called democraticundergound.com, which proved to be a delight on several different levels. There seems to be a recurring feature, cast in the form of an advice column called "Ask Auntie Pinko". Sample:
Q. Auntie, what would your advice to Democratic candidates be, especially on answering questions like 'what is your plan for Iraq?'

A: ... there are many possible answers, but I would think that those Democrats who are challenging incumbent Republicans might respond something like this: 'Just a minute. Did you, personally, vote in favor of this war?' To an affirmative, the Democrat can then ask, 'Why...?'

One possible response will be that as a member of Congress, the Republican had access to information that was not released to the general public for security reasons, and that information appeared to justify the war. In that case, a good response from a Democratic challenger might be, 'I oppose the war and want to end our military involvement there, but I have to defer offering a more specific plan until I, too, have access to information not released to the general public that might give me a better idea of how to achieve that goal....'

Many other scenarios and sub-scenarios are envisioned and dealt with in this Maimonidean post. One suspects that the writer has spent, all in all, many hours in the shower, on the toilet, behind the wheel on his way to work, fantasisizing about how he would have answered Bill O'Reilly last night.

These, I take it, are the famous sansculotte 'Netroots'. If the Bastille has nothing more formidable to fear, I think it can sleep in peace.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

The Democratic Underground is lower on the pecking order than Kos. They have to get permission to use the xerox machine, and get on a waiting list, but Kos can call ahead to schedule an appointment. It's nice when people have to listen to you.

What? Y'mean, there's a _pecking_order_? I thought there was just _peckers_ over there.

But, seriously, folks; that's got to be the most convoluted Jacob's Ladder of triangulatin' bullshit I've ever seen (at least since last night). So, what _was_ the object of these 100% passion-free Dem talking points, anyway...to immobilize the Rightists by putting them to sleep with boredom?

I mean, wtf is this...the Republican had access to information the Democrat _didn't_? When this writer says "information", is he not confusing it with "totally, flimsily fabricated documents, general lies and other 'evidence' so easily de-bunked it's not even funny"?

It all reminds me of a sign I saw carried by a Democratic partisan in the demonstrations outside the Supreme Court building during the '00 vote-count fracas; the sign read "The Will Of The Voters Is Paramount". Uh, huh; that's right. Only a wonk, or wonkette, or wonking intern -- at some pro-Dem Liberal think tank could've created a protest sign with that kind of bland, boring-assed message.

js paine:

to me
--- a user of the pinko label ----
the application
auntie pinko in this context
to these
highly non pinko ends
(ie taking what was once
an unfair
polemical label
hurled at an earlier generation
-- now auntie---
but that the author
wears like tony perkins in psycho
to face the reactionary loons
how intricate and sctizzzed
to don the pinko label
now time and trials
has worn off its edges
to self paste
to the forehead
what a wry toxic soul
poisoned by chronic mild irony )

as a nom de folly
it has a very gen x flavor

self mocking modest
quite lovely really
an inner punk may hide
but i like the air of decrepitude
and benignence
in its turning the other cheek

what a fine way
to swallow resentments

but like a lot of gen x merit class types
completely with out flower child hope
for love
to dissolve
or freak fury to blast away
the "other"amerika

merit gen x will not be
present at the next
revolution in large numbers

i say this as a woodstocker/woodpecker
who considers his own generation
at least its merit creative and professional
class members
ie the merit boomers
the number one stinko class generation
among the 8 similar class generations
born between 1866-1993

As near as I can tell, the masturbatory wonkery on DU is pretty much of the same quality as the masturbatory wonkery on Daily KO$. Equal parts fantasy politics, legalistic weaseling and outright perfidity. The Bastille has nothing to fear from these 3M's (middle class middle road middle managers).


The notes coming from said underground are easy to poke fun at. Bush is the monster who has brought low our glorious military, cost us the planet's universal love, reduced formerly Platonic discourse to the level of Texas steakhouse menus, taken away "our" country which "we" want back, etc.

But it depresses me to see how enthralled to sentimental illusions are these Democrats. My time in their fold has suggested that even those of good heart are mainly captivated by style differences; that is, they will tolerate and even cheer Bushism as long as it is advanced by one of their own.

It's just another sad case of Vietnam Syndrome. The real debate --that of whether or not we had any fucking business meddling in a sovereign nation's affairs and killing millions of innocents on the flimsiest of pretexts-- is obscured by the fake debate: The one about whether we can win it or not and how much of a shinier, happier war we could have had if only... if only... Grrrr... Nobody should give a fuck whether or not we can win. Nobody should care about how much information Team Blue had vs. how much information Team Red had. An injustice capped with victory credited to Our Team is still an injustice. Period.

But try telling it to the clowns at DU, or anywhere else in blogville, for that matter.

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