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It'll be a walkover: dead guys can (and will) beat Republicans

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday September 21, 2006 04:34 PM

Here's myDD.com whistling past the graveyard:
Following yesterday's release of a USA Today-Gallup poll showing President Bush's approval rating up to 44 percent (still bad, just not terrible) and Democrats and Republicans tied on the generic congressional ballot question among likely voters, many began to fret that the Democrats' chances at big gains were flying away. [But] the Rasmussen Reports tracking poll, which has found the President at or below 41 percent for the past four days, and now a CBS News-New York Times survey ... finds Bush at just 37 percent [and] it seems pretty clear that Gallup's numbers are at least a tad bit too optimistic about Republicans' chances.

... just 53 percent of Americans approve of the job their own member of Congress is doing, a number that is actually lower than was registered in September or November 1994. Approval for Congress, overall, is exactly what it was in September '94.

When asked if they can remember a significant action taken by Congress in the last year, more than two-thirds of Americans responded "nothing."

Just 39 percent of Americans believe their member of Congress deserves reelecction while 48 percent believe it's time to give someone new a chance. These numbers are worse than they have been in the past two midterm elections and are not substantially different from those found at this point in 1994 (37-45). When asked if "your own Representative in Congress understands the needs and problems of people like you," just 47 percent say yes while 45 percent say no (worse than in 1994).

The thinking seems to be that people are so bummed that, as my grandmother used to say, they'd vote for a hound dog if he was running on the Democratic ticket. In fact, that seems to be precisely the experiment that's about to be tried.

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Brian Miller:

Why vote again, indeed. What a raving loon. Is this the only choice the system allows us? Or is it just that as a damned irreligious coastal cosmopolitan, I simply cannot understand these salt of the earth folks?

I think not voting is not enough. I think the original idea-a very very loose confederation of minature, largely independent states, would be the better approach. I certainly don't want one of these Creationist war mules spending my tax dollars. Devolution is the only solution.

I could be wrong, but...didn't the Democrats already try running a hound dog for President a couple of years ago? Wasn't that what the whole ABB thing was about?

Well, if it's hound dogs they want, dig up Big Mama Thornton and run her. I'm sick of that hack Elvis stealing her thunder.

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