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Liberals: easily impressed by spies

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday September 7, 2006 02:43 PM

David Corn of The Nation is still in there slugging for the admittedly luscious Valerie Plame. I hope he got to interview her, at length. Perhaps that explains the breathless tone in which the mag is blurbing his latest:
Valerie Plame was no mere analyst or paper-pusher at the CIA, David Corn writes, in an article based on his new book, Hubris. She was an operations officer working on a top priority of the Bush Administration: searching out intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. By revealing her identity, Richard Armitage, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby harmed her career and put vital intelligence at risk. http://lists.thenation.com/t?ctl=6293:6E467
Corn's piece in The Nation depicts Valerie working tirelessly to turn up evidence of Iraqi WMD's, from a bunker somewhere; apparently she was in charge of the "operational" side of a whole task force dedicated to that purpose. What nefarities that bland word "operational" may conceal I prefer not to think; I would rather imagine Valerie in a more sympathetic setting. On a beach, say, wearing a... well. Never mind.

Some of her previous work for the Agency doesn't sound much better, alas, and there's no mention of a beach anywhere. For example:

... she was posted to Athens and posed as a State Department employee. Her job was to spot and recruit agents for the agency. In the early 1990s, she became what's known as a nonofficial cover officer. NOCs are the most clandestine of the CIA's frontline officers. They do not pretend to work for the US government; they do not have the protection of diplomatic immunity. They might claim to be a businessperson. She told people she was with an energy firm. Her main mission remained the same: to gather agents for the CIA.
Why liberals like Corn have embraced this woman -- politically, I mean -- is difficult for me to understand. Surely the right response to Rove & Co. "outing" her is something like: "Thieves fall out. Har de har."

I don't know about David, but to my eye, the initials CIA form one of the most sinister acronyms on the planet. It gives me the creeps just to type it. The organization Valerie Plame joined, and worked for zealously, is, all in all, one of the most bloodstained and brutal criminal enterprises still in existence. Are we supposed to forget that, for the sake of Valerie's knowing eyes and generous mouth?

Don't answer that question.

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js paine:

for the record
this plame dame
does nothing to improve
my sense of the cia's joy of life

of course they'd have a recruiter
that looks like a swedish stewardess
and prolly punches
like a kangaroo too

for my money
i prefer dragons
to ice picks


JSP, of course you're right, a taste for Valerie is a little like a taste for Vivaldi. But even Vivaldi occasionally sneaks up on you.


liberals are embracing her? you must be out
of your mind..there is a huge difference between
saying you like person X on the one hand, and
wanting to unearth and report about the abuses
of power by Bush in which X's outing was
used as a tool to silence dissent. The
difference is so elementary that I doubt
you lack the intelligence to see it..rather
you refuse to see it, so you can
have another SPEEN VENTING blog rant
that bring more heat and not much new
light or understanding to the subject.

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