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Most depressing quote of the day

By Michael J. Smith on Monday September 25, 2006 05:39 PM

From a rather gaga, and very long, hagiography of Barack Obama (shown above with his endorsee in Connecticut's recent primary), found in New York magazine online:

"Barack, I think, represents a point of transition," says Artur Davis, a 38-year-old African-American congressman from Alabama and former law-school classmate of Obama's. "This is the first generation of African-American politicians who essentially have the same aspirations as their white compatriots."
On the other hand, there's this, from Obama himself:
"One good test as to whether folks are doing interesting work is, Can they surprise me?" he tells me. "And increasingly, when I read Daily Kos, it doesn't surprise me. It's all just exactly what I would expect."
Well, at least his mama didn't raise no fools.

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This is amusingly flawed. Barack Obama is a son of immigrants. He doesn't have the same cultural or economic background as the other "African-American" politicians which are being referenced. He's African-American, sure, and he's black, and American, but he's not a Black American, a descendant of chattel slaves. It strikes me as odd that Davis would leave that out.

Really, you might as well talk about George Allen being representative of a new direction in African-American politics. After all, his mother is Tunisian -- it's only very slightly more idiotic.



can some one post a link to the picture of Barack campaigning for Lieberman before he lost the primary?

And is it too early to start batting around rumors about a primary challenge to our spineless triangulator in Illinois?

Sting! Ouch! Ko$ must have thrown a four alarm pwogwessive tantrum after reading that. And he can't even sting back, since Obama is a pwog fave-rave.

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