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States' rights -- what a concept

By Michael J. Smith on Monday September 25, 2006 05:25 PM

From The Note:
In a pair of speeches on Tuesday, Democrat Phil Angelides plans to say that on his first day as governor he would call for all California National Guardsmen to return to the Golden State.

If implemented, the Angelides proposal would almost certainly provoke a legal challenge.

Angelides maintains, however, that under Perpich v. Department of Defense, a 1990 Supreme Court case, a governor retains the right to refuse to deploy his or her state's National Guard if deploying the troops "were to interfere with the State Guard's capacity to respond to local emergencies." ....

Questions yet to be answered: Whether Democrats will make this part of their paid media campaign and whether national Democrats like Leader Pelosi will back Angelides when asked about the proposal.

Indeed. It would be fun to watch Pelosi wriggle on this one.

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Huh. Maybe I should register here in the golden state.

js paine:

mother clinton:

ask eliot spitzer
what about the ny national guard ????


Angelides didnt make this up. It's been a street level anti-war campaign for awhile. Maybe it originated with Tom Hayden, a Democrat who should be too intelligent to remain in the party.

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