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Pinthe tail on the donkey

By Owen Paine on Thursday September 14, 2006 08:05 PM

Consider this the semi-official instauration of the House donk pillory league. Our mission: torment as many Dem fraud progs, as often and as unfairly as time and space allows.

Let decent hearts beware -- we intend to yank their slippery tails till they scream "no mas!"

Prospective fellow leaguers, feel free to join: simply place the name of any such hee-haw or shee-haw in one of the comment cages provided below. And be sure to pledge your continued harassment of same. Make this personal -- a virtual stalking. And be sure to add a few identifying rump brands or framing tattoos to your nominee's backside, so us less than fully info-ed can ID the brute by genus: Military-industrial, financial, zionistical, tragical, historical, pastoral -- you get the idea.

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