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And your point is...?

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 13, 2006 10:57 PM

Here's a real head-scratcher from the Napoleon of the blogosphere, diminutive but much-loved Markos Moulitsas Zuniga:
He's not the only source of the problem, obviously, Tim. If you killed him tomorrow, you'd still have a problem with al-Qaeda, with Zawahiri and the others. But bin Laden has been a top priority for us from the very beginning, he continues to be a top priority today. That hasn't changed. The president and I get periodic reports on our efforts in that regard. There's been no lessening of our interest or of our activity with...
"[E]ven if he is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. He has done more damage the longer he has been out there. But, in fact, the damage that he has done is done. And even to capture him now I don't think makes us any safer."
See any difference in the substance of the two quotes? Of course not....
Well, Markos, I couldn't agree more. But the uber-Kosnik somehow feels this reflects badly on the Republicans.

Sigmund Freud says somewhere -- I'm paraphrasing -- that he never encountered a perversion he found really alien. Foot fetishism, you name it -- he could place himself in imaginative sympathy with it -- find something within himself that resonated to it. This is both a bold confession and a sublime bit of self-assertion. Yet in my own modest way, I've always felt I knew what he meant.

This Kos thing defeats me, though. Here's a guy who spends all his waking hours screaming about how important it is to vote for the Democrats rather than the Republicans, and then he writes a post indignantly refuting Republican claims that there is a difference.

I don't think this is just calculation. It's too crazy for that. Calculation would notice the inconsistency. Somebody help me out here. Can this be explained? Or does the lad have a brain tumor?

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J. Alva Scruggs:

What Kos is doing is completely in keeping with circling the corporate wagons when the heat is on. This lack of fundamental differences is essential to the marketing of the Democrats. They're going after the same basic market -- consumers of governance -- and competing in the same financial ecosystem. There are slightly different target demographics, different styles for the buzz agents and the alpha comsumers, less grasp of maneuvering than the Republicans.

Advertising, PR, marketing isn't supposed to make sense. It's all emotional appeal, FUD and cultivating a look and feel. You don't go to Avis because they offer something radically different from Hertz. They try harder. There are a few differences between say, Dell, and the KosCo affiliate of DemInc; there'll be no question of a product recall, no warranty will be honored in any way, and the consumer is wholly to blame, especially the ones who aren't buying.

js paine:

i suspect markos has Repub pole envy

on terror fighting
its the only issue ...the people ...still support em on

i wish he were crazy
i'd be more entertained
to me mickey kouse and liebshitz
fall betwixt the two stools

neither clever bastards
nor crazy boobs

give me cheney and clark


kosnik quote

"It is the Business/War Party
against the Public Interest Party "

now why can't we see things this way ???

st hill madame of the party of public repute

One of the requirements for being a political hack is the ability to say (or write) astoundingly stupid things and keep a straight face. Ko$ has discovered he doesn't have to make logical sense to turn a buck since his every pronouncement is treated as gospel by his worshipers / content providers.

All Ko$ has to do is maintain a thin veneer of earnestness. Celebrities have been doing this since Mabel Normand. Sure, Brad Pitt cares about East Timor - but only until he's distracted by a shiny object or something. That doesn't mean his fans won't pony up $12 for his next film.

Same with Ko$. His sycophantic kosnikis will stick with him no matter what he says until the cognitive dissonance gets too much for them. Then they'll dump him like last years Beanie Baby and attach their frail little egos to some other hapless pundit wannabe.


KoStKo's rejoinder isn't much more than rhetorical grease, some K-Y to lube up his Elite Keyboard Divisions. That's what I find so depressing about Donk discourse. It's all-party, all the time. Who cares if both Cheney and Pelosi are essentially using the futility of the past five years of war as an argument for more of it?

I agree with Alan: KoS' days as lead wallaby are numbered. His position is due to the novelty of being an upstart. The more party upstartism becomes party upskirtism and he gazes longingly into the pinstriped nethers of a Pelosi or Sgt. Hill, the less rebellious he'll seem and instead come to resemble a creepy version of Benjamin Braddock, a full-time MILF hound, holding open the door to his Hummer (custom plate: EEYORE JR) for the old dears.

I confess I'm a bit puzzled by your puzzlement. Dust off your Dem decoder ring, and you'll see that Cheney was defending policy, while Pelosi was attacking it. This is, of course, a bankrupt move, since the Dems aided and abetted this state of affairs, but key feature of the Dem pathology is such selective recollection.

As for Kos himself, while it would be nice to see him fall, he operates in a social milleu where vehement fecklessness and a proven history of failure are key to getting yourself more and larger helpings of career. He wants to rebrand DLC ideology as 'edgy' and change the funding model, and that's it. He's a mercenary. Screw him.

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