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Pray tell me, Sir, whose dog are you?

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday September 23, 2006 09:42 AM

BobW writes:
The Democrats' disappearance on the torture debate finally pushed me over the edge.

Or maybe it was Nancy Pelosi's gratuitous attack on Chavez. Once over the edge, this morning I realized we have heard nothing from any Dem on the predicted war with Iran.

With the Navy ordered to take up blockade and offensive positions in the Persian Gulf, you would think some elected representative might be saying "hang on a second; let's have a little debate on this."

Democrats', like Kerry's, official position on Iraq has been they were misled by the President. Presumably that means they now see their mistake. The mistake was to stir up trouble in the Middle East. It just stirs up worse trouble. This time, though, the President isn't even trying to mislead. He's just going ahead because he wants to, confident the Democrats will lay down.

Jonathan Swift said all life at court is divided into two camps: knaves and fools. If you're not a knave, you're a fool. I used to think that perfectly described Republicans and Democrats. Now I think it's too kind to the Dems.

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Wow, took you that long, huh?

I finally got pushed over the edge around 1993 or so, after the incident in Waco and Bill Clinton's attempt to blame the people who were incinerated, shot and crushed by tanks for what happened to them.

Or, perhaps it was in 1996 when, questioned about Ralph Nader's announcement that he was running for President on the Green Party ticket, a high-level Clinton White House flack remarked that "the Progressives will vote Democratic because they've got nowhere else to go".

Or, perhaps 1998 when, after he finished bombing the living piss out of the Sudan in an attempt to destroy a "chemical weapons plant", President Bubba commented to the effect that it was too bad they didn't have CNN in Somalia so they could see what he was doing in the Sudan.

But, naaah, I'm pretty sure it'd have to be 1992 when, at the Democratic Convention, Candidate Clinton loudly declared his support for the bombing of Iraq which killed over 200,000 -- and the crowd went wild.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Kudos! By the locked down standards of our political culture that's an unreasonable thing to do. He's likely to lose some friends over this. People will point at him and hiss, "situationist" or "hippy".

I don't even know the specific moment of my Great Awakening.[tm] I do know that old Ralph gets far too much flack for it. The official Pwog line generally being that we were all happy and contented and getting along just great until that selfish creep brainwashed us and ruined everything. So it's a shame that I can't point to the actual moment where I knew it was over between me and Billy.

However, I find that welfare "reform" is an important milestone in the road from Dem to Indy. You can't swing a dead cat in the pwogosphere without some feminist arguing that it was okay for Billy to bed Monica if he wanted because they were both consenting adults, etc. So the mean old Fundie GOP should have just left him alone. Okay, then. You have feminists defending the right of a rich White het guy to stick it wherever he wants, without consequences. And this same rich White guy gratuitously unleashed some truly nasty punishments on millions of poor and/or working American women who dared to have unBiblical sex without getting the elites' permission first. It's the constant episodes of disconnect in Pwogland like that which make me constantly want to hit myself in the head with my laptop until I black out.

Jesus Reyes:

There is nothing left but disaster and perhaps a phoenix from the ashes. What is the deal with this fucking puke, Sean Penn? Everytime I see that trailer I want to put my foot through the TV.

js paine:

what will be will be this fall

either way

its not enough to roll call
the no donk converted
we must make our ranks grow fast enough
to where
"they're geting big enough"
looks feasible
to this end
the nader moment needs to be waved as
point of satisfaction
and a threat

regardless if less is better or
more worse

you'll get a bigger "spread between"
if they donks
are spilling voters out their left side window fast enough to shake em up

but it has to happen long b4 08

i claim it means a pre mature
and epical derailing of mother clinton
next year

" she's sleeping with the hungry hobbit of bridge port "


I've known the Clinton wing were murderers since Yugoslavia; anti-poor since Welfare Reform; anti-worker since NAFTA. I just didnt know they were corrupt, cowardly and stupid until they were out of power, and all they had to do was SAY SOMETHING!

Sean has been heaping insult onto injury on New Orleans for awhile now. The rumor making the club rounds is his time with Madonna turned him into a complete sadist. But fear not! Several justice minded studio execs have rented a voodoo priest to raise the corpse of Broderick Crawford to wreck revenge on Penn. (No doubt Zombie Crawford will do it for per diem.)

You can't swing a dead cat in the pwogosphere without some feminist arguing that it was okay for Billy to bed Monica if he wanted because they were both consenting adults, etc.
- ms xeno

BINGO. I walked away from Democrats (not the party, I was gone years before... ugh allowed myself to be pulled back in 92 reluctantly... biiiig mistake) but I got so sick of damned dumb Democrats on a one by one basis defending Bill.

WHo, in my opinion, walked into a sting operation. I mean Linda Tripp, a phenomenally loathsome person possibly only exceeded by witch and warlock hunter Starr, testified in all 4 gates. From Travel Gate, FBI File Gate... Monica Gate and there as a 4th (forget now, so much has happened... LOL).

Soooooooooooo. I say sting. Plus Bill had a OGF, Official Girl Friend.

Check out a [fiction] book on Amazon called "Face Time". Written by the husband. Cannot remember exactly, think his name was Terloff.

hmmm here is the link to the Amazon page


That's exactly what I've been watching for months. You can watch the Dems hem and haw about Iraq. About how maybe they should or haven't supported the illegal invasion.

But all that time, the Bushies have been running exactly the same playbook again with Iran. Even Bush speaking the UN right on cue. The same lies, the same misleading impressions. It feels like deja vu all over again.

And the Dems are supporting the Iran invasion the same way they supported the Iraq invasion. Refusing to take definitive actions that they know they could take is supporting. For instance, how about fillibustering and holding up the Pentagon budget until a provision is added clearly stating that the Defense Dept cannot spend any money attacking Iran without clear Congressional approval. Then fillibustering and blocking that if they try.

Or like you said, this whole thing about the torture debate and the amnesty for past crimes (what every dictator always tries to pass if they see their regime crumbling) is sickening. Where's the loud clear voice that says this is not America, this is not acceptable, and if need be they'll bring the business of this government to a halt to stop it.

But I guess the big money donors who seem to maybe be thinking of putting the Dems in as kinder gentler imperialists didn't like that, so you ain't hearing it.

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