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The sky is falling! And about time, too.

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday September 23, 2006 05:10 PM

Really, you know, we live in a Mad Hatter world. Here's Nikolas Kozloff, a conscientious critic of US misbehavior in Latin America, a propos the recent flap over Hugo "The Exorcist" Chavez:
... the long term impact of Chavez's remarks upon the domestic U.S. political scene is unclear....

With the media getting whipped up into a frenzy over Chavez's effrontery, what is worrying is that the Venezuelan president might actually have a political impact on the upcoming Congressional elections in November and tip the scale towards the Republicans.

Horrors! Oh Hugo, how could you? Bet you're sorry now!

Well, no, of course, I bet he's not. I bet he doesn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut, as an old Kentucky landsman of mine used to say, about how the Democrats do in November. I'm sure he knows that there are entities called the Republicans and Democrats, and that they purport to be political parties; and I'm also sure he knows perfectly well that it will make absolutely no difference to him, and to his people, and to the world, whether the Democrats pick up fifteen seats in November, or lose thirty.

In fact, I hope Hugo has dished the Democrats but good. If all it takes is a little rally-round-the-Prez, dead-cat Bush bounce for them to lose whatever slender hope they had of making some gains this fall, then they deserve to lose -- and really, the sooner they're swept off the scene, the better. They're worse than useless. If you're after any kind of social progress, then a connection with the Democrats is like stepping into the ring with a corpse tied to your back.

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This gangpile is the Dems' coming out party on Hugo.

I agree, Michael, it's a treat if this costs them the election.

As with their silence on torture and Iran noted by Bobw, roughing up Chavez is a statement of principle and, as the old saw goes, readiness. The Council on Foreign Invasions has begun the usual prefatory harrumphs (see the spring issue of Foreign Affairs: "Behind democratic trappings and a figleaf of legitimacy..."). Dem swaggering signals their taste for a little post-Iraq, hemispheric adventuring. For far too long, we have ignored growing threats in our own backyard...

Imagine: Glorious Leader Hillary being served Chavez' head on a platter by some Green Beret commander over champagne at Camp David is a scene worthy of a diorama in DNC Headquarters.

Besides, I'm tired of Ralph taking the credit for Ruining Everything all by his lonesome. Chavez will keep him company and also rein in his notorious ego. ;)

When I heard about Rangel'n'Pelosi's Tourette's outbursts re: the Chavez speech I felt, in the first brief instant, a surge of rage and indignation -- followed almost immediately by uncontrollable laughter, the kind I've had often lately as it seems that the crowd on the Hill are behaving like characters in a political sketch on SNL (seasons 1-7, the _real_ SNL). It had to be some of the funniest stuff I've seen in the press in many years, especially considering I've actually read a transcript of the entire speech (which, of course, made the Democratic response even funnier).

Sadly, at dinner last Thursday night, my Dear Wife -- an esteemed EPA wonk close to being able to take her early retirement option which, she says, depends on how the '08 "election" turns out -- expressed dismay and concern at the amount of "name-calling" in Chavez's speech (wtf?) and worry that it would hurt the Democraps' chances coming up in the fall. The sad part is that -- at the sound of that remark -- I had to fight back a frenzied, gleeful smile with everything I had, and hope the DW didn't notice the bright, joyful glint in my eyes.

In fact, right then, I was about to make the same point that MJS just made -- about how Chavez isn't obligated to not offend people for the Democraps' sake, and how the struggle happening around the world is more important than whether or not the Democraps win enough seats to "take back"* the Congress -- when I decided perhaps it might not be a good idea to start a loud argument over politics while we're having dinner our on our wedding anniversary...so I let the DW whine and moan about how Chavez is hurting the Democraps' chances this fall, as I happily munched some of the best crab cake I'd had in years, while quietly trying to figure out how many lounge chairs I'll need on the roof, and how many beers in the cooler, how many fatties rolled, how many pairs of tinted goggles...and also, deciding whether or not to start a pool on what kind of crater the Democraps make when they hit. My money's on an impact feature similar to the Mars Rover's jettisoned heat shield -- that is, wide and shallow.

* the friggin' Democraps are always all about "taking back" shit, aren't they?...except, I honestly can't think of a single goddamn' thing that they've actually _taken_back_.

Oh, and not just any corpse, either, but a _donkey_ corpse; I mean, those fuckers weigh, what, half a ton?

js paine:

hugo gob bless him

too little too early to bury the donks....
but hey
it ain't over till its over

despite what Hunter's ghost claimed back last spring


I went out and bought the Noam Chomsky book to both "cast my vote" and help Hugo get his commission. I guess you know that you are over the edge based on what brings you pleasure. Amazon reported that the book moved from 160,000+ to "the top ten".

The book quickly gets to Wilsononian idealism and the need to "safeguard a system of elite decision-making and public ratification", the "diminishing returns of coercion as a tool and the creation of huge industries to control opinion and attitude". This must be what Hugo thinks of democrats.

The democratic party is one of the many tools used by the political/economic elites to co opt the political left. It is the duty of every patriot to destroy this evil fraud. I'm sure Hugo knows this better than most.

Heretofor he has repeatedly referred to Bush as "Mr. Danger" and a burro. There is some youtube on this and it is great fun. I cant figure out his strategy in this other than it is great fun. He has repeatedly been advised by Castro that it is unnecessary and counterproductive

J. Alva Scruggs:

Chavez doesn't limit his constituency to Venezuela, and he's a gambler. Every speech is referendum. He's probably the most gifted populist politician in the world. Like JSP said, Sancho stands a little taller when he's done. He's got one shot to right some historic wrongs and the odds are terrible. He fights by keeping in motion. Castro is an old fuddy duddy who knows how to fight a seige.


I also recall Chavez referring to Bush as "the king of vacations". Last year about this time, I believe it was.


Mike F -- I have a relation who works for the Gummint, in a fairly responsible post. She's very keen on having the Democrats come back into power. Not because she's deluded about what they would do -- she's a Washington realist through and through -- but it would be much nicer for her to work for a Democratic administration. The way she puts it, the Republicans are like frat boys. I didn't ask her what the Democrats are like, but my guess is, National Merit finalists.

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