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The Boot Gap Party

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday September 26, 2006 08:31 PM

In an uncannily exact echo of fetus-fancying Democrat Bob Casey's talking points, mentioned here but moments ago, Senator Joe "Talks With God" Lieberman (shown above enjoying a well-deserved colonoscopy on live television) has laid out his plan for Iraq. Vile Joe

...called on Monday for the number of United States troops embedded with Iraqi forces to be doubled or tripled, to speed up the training of the Iraqis and help hasten the withdrawal of the Americans.

...Mr. Lieberman, who has been under attack for his support of the war, said that those troops could be added through redeployments, rather than by committing additional troops in the region.

At the same time, he called for increasing the overall size of the United States Army and Marine Corps, to better prepare for looming conflicts....

This is an old, old story. In fact I'm an old, old enough guy to remember Mattress Jack Kennedy beating Nixon in 1960 on an imaginary "missile gap" -- borrowing, with improvements, a gambit tried unsuccessfully by Adlai Stevenson. Maybe "bomber gap" wasn't quite as sexy as "missile gap" -- and certainly, Adlai wasn't as sexy as Jack.

Neither Casey nor Lieberman is as sexy as a warmed-over frittata, but institutional memory dies hard. In fact, it doesn't die before the institution does -- and really, isn't it about time?

This, for me, is the perennial puzzle. All my Democratic friends and neighbors have no use for the military. And yet they have sold their souls to a group of people who think we need a bigger army.

Maybe someday, I'll understand.

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I dunno either. I think it's something to do with them slobbering all over anyone in uniform. "Thank you for your service!" they drool at the sight of a bit of braid. Kinda sad, really.

It's braid they want ? Maybe they should drool over Stevie Wonder, instead. At least he gave us "Sir Duke," back in the day. That ought to count for something.


Maybe you need to print up your posts and hang them in the living room window, Michael. That way your neighbors could slowly come to understand your views.

And you might see a decline in the number of kids coming to your door on Halloween.

js paine:

t'is a broad beamed party xeno
room enough for many Wonders
and wesley clark too
from blind souls to snakey heels

You never let me have any fun anymore, jsp. And do you have to bring up Clark before I'm even fortified with a full cup of coffee ? [retch]

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