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Save that fetus, so he can enlist

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday September 26, 2006 04:14 PM

More delights from Bob Casey, Democratic senate candidate in Pennsylvania:
I’m not ready to abandon this mission [in Iraq]; I think a lot of Americans are not, either... We don’t need a deadline—a timeline; we need new leadership....

Accountability, I think, means replacing Donald Rumsfeld....

The second thing we need, I think, in Iraq, in terms of a new direction is to make sure that we have clear and measurable benchmarks. Not just from the president, but from the Iraqis as well. What is the plan that the president can tell us about with regard to disarming the militias? What is the plan to bring oil production above the pre-war levels?

... I’ll conclude with this: We need to rebuild the American military. We need to have more Special Forces. I’ve called for a doubling in the number of Special Forces....

This would seem to be the locus-classicus Emanuel/Schumer talking points. I especially like this strategem of concentrating on Rummy. You just know that the Dems are giddy with self-congratulation on the fiendish, Machiavellian cunning of this stroke.

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js paine:

the rum dumb
must go !!!!

recall mother clinton
leads this charge

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