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The obvious analogy...

By Owen Paine on Tuesday September 12, 2006 02:12 PM

Part whatever in my complete guide to Lobby Land: the Boers and the Zionics.

Could the future of Zionism look like the endgame of the Afrikaans Jim Crow?

I have no more then a hunch, myself. Call this an invitation to a thread. But if your answer is "no way, J" -- then be prepared to tell uz all... why?

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One fact generally not known about South African whites is that ancestors of many were refugees from bloody European religious wars e.g. Hugenots, Calvinists, etc. Recent past of these two settler outposts of "democracy" in benighted parts of the world has also been closely intertwined. It'll be interesting how Israel will be viewed by mainstream historians 30 years from now...

js paine:


you see it clearer then i mayhaps

both are mini me reflections
of ourselves

amerika the beautiful
the largest most aggressive
most ruthless
most genocidal
of modern euro settler states

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