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Joe Lieberman, the Ralph Nader of Connecticut

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday September 12, 2006 10:18 PM

I can't seem to stop thinking about Joe Lieberman. Hell of a thing, I know.

Joe lost a Democratic primary. He is now running as a third-party candidate.

Now we all know that if there's anything a Democrat hates, it's a third-party candidate. Here, for example, is a characteristic Kosnik jeremiad against Ralph Nader, who is, it seems, responsible for everything bad in the United States today:

Thanks, Ralph Nader, egomaniac and asshole!
by Virt
Mon May 15, 2006 at 09:21:32 PM PDT

Take a look, Ralph. Take a look at the damage you have wrought. No difference between the two major parties, huh? Well, thanks a lot, Ralph.

NSA, FBI, wiretaps, no Bill of Rights, no Constitution, endless war, "free speech zones," environmental degradation on a scale never seen, an end to democracy and the rise of America as a Fascist nation.

Great job, Ralph! You made the election close enough to steal by lying to your supporters and the country. You are part of the Bush team and your legacy will be the destruction of civil liberties and the defilement of the environment. When your name is uttered years from now it will be as a curse spat out with contempt.

To be fair, the Kosniks are almost as mad at Lieberman as they are at Ralph. Sore losers, these Kosniks.

But of course the Kosniks don't count for much. What counts is the leadership of the party to which the Kosniks have sold their souls. And that leadership is clearly not only ready to welcome Joe back with open arms -- they're obviously a lot happier with him than they are with poor -- okay, not poor, rich -- Ned Lamont.

I don't see Ralph Nader getting a lot of forgiving hugs, or even a kind word, from the big snouts at the Democratic trough. But Joe -- Joe's a different story. Joe is one of us. When he comes back to the Senate, they will kill the fatted calf. He was lost, and is found! He was dead, and is alive again!

Well, the Kosniks are, no doubt, very unhappy about this discrepancy. But by Election Day they will have gotten over it. They will get up, shower (and shave or not, as the case may be), knock back a Starbucks coffee, and grimly troop off to the polls as in duty bound.

And oh, how the Froms, and the Clintons mere and pere, and the Rubins, and the Liebermans, will laugh, and laugh, and laugh!

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This is why I want Lieberman to win. It'll be the moment of truth. All the Dems tossing bones to the Kosniks to look good for the "base"? Revealed as phonies. Stand up for anyone with D at the end of their name, Markos. You played by their rules and won, so they changed the rules, but the game is same. You crashed the gate, but ran into the portcullis. Oops.

J. Alva Scruggs:

The other day, I was walking down the street and there was this guy, screaming at a shopping cart, trying to kick it over. He kept yelling, "Thanks Ralph, you rotten son of a bitch!" His suit was coming apart at the jacket shoulders and there was a gaping, embarrassing rip up the seat of his pants, which you could see because he'd tucked most of his jacket into his belt. When he kicked at the cart, I saw the blue donkeys on his shorts. He was clutching a dead pigeon in one hand.

I'm not a brave man. I started running and moved well out into the street. I knew what was coming and I couldn't bear to see it. When I was about twenty feet past him, out of the corner of my eye I saw the head of the pigeon flying by, off to my right.

js paine:

to clear our minds of the liebfrau

we need to focus
on that inert turd of prog hopes
the "indocratic" next senator
from northeast new york

mister' no touch dah delectable deli plate '

bernie 'the people can wait '
Sidesaddle sandersooon

Which is more pathetic?

The fact that in 2006 these Kosniki fanatics are still posting mouth foaming rants about Ralph Nader.


The fact that these democrat androids have invested their egos GreenBay Packers-style in a former-Republican old money twit who will yank the rug out from under them the moment his ass hits the senate seat.

J. Alva Scruggs:

The feckless thanksralphing has taken on the quality of a poor man's Dolchstosslegende. So I'd be inclined to go with that one. The eager lining up for the ritual chumping, however, comes awfully close.

It's just funnier than hell in light of the fact that Kos cribbed the title of his dumbass book from Nader's '00 campaign memoir in the first place.

Who wants to go over to Berube's pad and bait 'em for me ? I just got some lousy election-unrelated news and a splitting headache to go with it. Sorry to leave you all in the lurch, but my heart just isn't in it this evening...

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