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Throw the bums back in

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday September 26, 2006 02:20 PM

(Editor's note: This item came in over the transom, from a shadowy character calling himself Herb Sorrell III, "Director General of The New-Tuel, a California-based union rectification organization," e-mail kapshow@hotmail.com. Caveat lector.)

It's election time: do you know where your dues are going? The AFL-CIA knows. Visit them with me....

First, you'll notice the site has no go-to on state wage minimums or state job-hour laws, or repealing anti-union laws. You gotta hunt for that stuff. But what's right up front is spending your dues to "educate, mobilize and turn out union household voters to support candidates who support us," including (may I have a drum roll please):

Senator Joe Lieberman (D)
Lieberman will run as an independent candidate.

Joe Lieberman has a lifetime AFL-CIO Congressional Voting record of voting right on working family issues 84 percent of the time.

If that rating sounds impressive, note that barn hen Barney Frank has a 95% rating. In fact all the Massachusetts delegation are 89 to 98%. Ted K is up there with Barney at 95%.

Now we all know how this works. It's like a school math test graded on a curve. The first 75% is a puff pedestal. The last 25% is where it gets real. So Joe's real rating is about 9 out of 25 -- not much better then 25%, in fact, well within long-roll limits.

Now Barney's at about 75% real. He's been forced to defend the brand some. But in losing causes he can run up a tally, eh?

Man, what a scam.

More from the site:

We're working harder but losing ground. Wages are stagnant while costs are soaring. Health care and retirement security are disappearing. And a good, middle-class living is slipping out of reach for millions of America's working families.
After reading that, I was hoping for a dues rebate plan. But apparently duty calls my dues to a higher, nobler crusade -- the donk-ing of the House.

(More editorial meddling. This wretched site is lousy with flag cruft):

Comments (4)

js paine:

brother herb's math sucks

try this
its by an attack trained economist

9/25 = 36%

5/25= 80%

if you want space here pal
do the math right !!!!!!

in struggle baby..... in struggle

herb sorrell esq:

sorry four eyes

20/25= 80%
but i get your point

for bad guys they reveerse the polarity

nice trick 49% vote wrong
51 % right

thats a typical congo bad guy score

so the pedestal is the 50 mark
not my 75%

re due the math prof .....

js paine:

barn hen
would now be

45/50 = 90%

and senator hobbit from muppetport

34/50 = 68%
btw makes joe better then
those two union maids
from cal

lady hormone and das tickler
their both
23/50 = 46%

and wild hawks too all of em

that bay area
wage stiffs' paragon

brother tom lantos

( 100 % vampire division)

That second one looks like a logo for those giant cans of condensed soup that you see on the shelves at restaurant/institution supply stores. Which, now that I think about it, is a hell of a Freudian slip. I myself would have expected something like a stylized ATM machine as the most perfect summation of relations between Union members and their Democratic overlords.

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