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Who's the vilest of them all?

By Michael J. Smith on Friday September 8, 2006 10:58 AM

Tryng to decide who's the worst Democrat is a constant source of frustration; they keep outdoing each other in squalor. I've decided it needs to be a rotating office, like the Security Council chairmanship: Vilest Democrat of the Day, or Reptile Du Jour.

Today, it's all about Joe Biden, who is not only awful but really, really stupid:

"U.S. Sen. Joe Biden yesterday said Iraq should be subdivided into a loosely federated republic, with each of the country's warring factions given its own area to control.

Biden said the republic would not be a democracy, but it would not be a threat to its neighbors or a haven for terrorists."

Translation: Israel might generously deign to accept this "solution," and allow us to withdraw some of our troops. But it gets better:

"[Biden] played up his hawkish credentials yesterday, saying he convinced former President Bill Clinton to go to war in the Balkans and said he would put 2,000 U.S. troops in Darfur under NATO command if he were president.

Were the United States to pull out of Iraq with the situation unresolved, the result would be chaos, a regional war and oil at $120 a barrel, he said.

'If we leave Iraq, and if we trade a dictator for chaos, we will pay the price for generations,' Biden said....

'The only mistake I made,' Biden said, 'was underestimating how ridiculously incompetent these guys [i.e. Bush & co. -- Ed.] would be.'"

Biden is not content with redrawing the map of the Middle East, and claiming credit for Clinton's Balkan Guernica; he has some ideas for the home front too:

"We are a nation at war," Biden said. "That makes it all the more incomprehensible that, five years after 9/11, [Bush] has failed to mobilize the American public for the struggle. There is no national energy policy, no national service, no real sacrifice except from our soldiers ... and their families."

At home, [Biden] said he would tighten security at ports and chemical plants and on public transit, hire 1,000 new FBI agents and 50,000 new police officers....

He also pledged to repeal most of Bush's upper-income tax cuts and said he would put those revenues into a fund -- which he estimated would come to $10 billion a year -- for homeland security measures.

Kind of a novel revision of the Robin Hoood schtick -- take from the rich and give to the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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May I submit the traitor's traitor Lee Hamilton in nomination?


I think you need to make a "Vile-o-Meter", on the lines of your "Fasc-o-Meter", and keep a running score of Democrats' public comments. It would have to be more like a database, or spreadsheet, though, with separate columns for different types of vileness, as 1)overt warmongering; 2) blatant selling out to special interests; 3) boot-licking toadyism toward Israel or the President; 4)plain posturing on a minor issue to appear liberal.
With a minimally sensitive and regularly updated vile-o-meter, you could have "close races" between Biden and Feinstein, Reid and Pelosi, etc., that would attract a lot of public attention. To give an air of rigorous impartial judgement, you should start everyone at 85 on a scale of 100.

js paine:

biden's new deal
jobs program

the SWA

the security works administration

Most days Biden is the worst. LOL then he rotates, wheels away, slips behind a deep blue curtain - with barely hidden wide red stripes - and out pops one of the others. To be just as awful.

It's a game. ;)

Brian Miller:

Of course, the tax cut elimination part of his "program" would fall by the wayside immediately. That's just for follin' the rubes, no? Why raise taxes when we can borrow more money from the Chinese and Europeans?

J. Alva Scruggs:

"Why raise taxes when we can borrow more money from the Chinese and Europeans?"

Borrow ten million and you've got a problem. Borrow ten billion and you've got a partner. The threat of taking them down with us might endure for a long time, even as the majority of the country slips into unescapable debt servitude.

js paine:

the fire alarm went off...
attack poli econ con flies into action..

folks we need even bigger
fiscal deficits 'round here

get that clear fast

christ you all will fall for
rubin's prune dip
as the better possibility
and get screwed by following
your pure horse sense

info big character poster :

read my mentor

read nobel prize winner
wild bill vickrey

the man found slumped
over the wheel of his car
only 48 hours after
he'd told the MSM

our fiscal deficits were
"way to small and thus
totally inadequate "

yup read him and leap

leap to the blue sky in fact
with the joy of discovery

the man so dangerously clever
once he got the spot light
The Man
had to poison him

its a citizen's duty to know
how our economic system
if run by our reps
could actually
work for us

the bow legged jobster of amerika

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