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Lamont: A spoiler after all, God bless 'im

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday October 18, 2006 07:26 AM

Here's a bright spot amid the prevailing gloom, for all us hate-the-Democrats types:
GOP Doing Better in Northeast

[I]t now looks clear Joe Lieberman's independent bid for Senate is really helping the trio of Connecticut Republicans. It certainly would be ironic if the GOP held the House because of Ned Lamont's big August win.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

What helps the Republicans so much is the Democrats' practice of labeling anyone not part of the groupthink an "extremist". During the primary, Lieberman and his cronies did their best to paint Lamont supporters as objectively pro-terror. That energizes wingnuts and helps the wingnut campaigns tremendously. It's free advertising. A black-hearted minion of crony capitalism, whose schtick is fear and tax cuts, really can't ask for better friends than our Vichy Dems. They reliably attack their own constituents and elbow each other for the chance to get corporate groveling jobs.

js paine:

"groveling" ..rights rights j alva

not "jobs'


as in landing rights or drilling rights

though obviously
grantor and grantee are reversed
in the later two
as opposed to the former one


so then
is the lieb lamont set to
helping the repugs

i have some cloudy possum bill-ities
doing an eccentric set of orbits
in my 4D mind sphere

i'm way way too high on horse pills
and HST's lava like dogma
to work my mind
all the way thru to a conclusion on this
so hep me if u can ...


As if in proof of J. Alva's point, Columbia J-School dean Nicholas Lemann in the current New Yorker takes a broad brush to critics of US defense policies, essentially lumping any and all in with conspiracy theorists. It's a rather sorry case to compare the makers of the good 2005 docu "Why We Fight," for instance, to people who think Dick Cheney ran 9/11 by wifi joystick. But vilifying all mili-crit is the point, if it's more profitable status quo you want and the elections are to be a mere costume change.

On another score, I see on the same Time magazine page with the bright news about Connecticut that there's yet another poll showing how massively Americans despise the current Congress (74%). The poll also shows huge majorities disposed against big business and far fewer clinging to any hope for "the American Dream." It's bleedingly obvious much of the public sees itself as gaining nothing from our overdogs but itch and peril.

See: http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/10/18/congress.poll/index.html

This has to be scaring the top, whose usual myth-making isn't working very well. (Take away home equity spending and the lies sputter and grind, like toys running on low batteries.) Surely that's one reason why the consent manufacturing is on full throttle to sell the election as momentous, perfuming the phony choices with "change is in the air" talk. I wonder how many it will fool.

"...if it's more profitable status quo you want and the elections are to be a mere costume change."

Hell yeah. That's how the best and brightest kept the Viet War going for so long. This year we get a walloping choice between the plain cloth Republican groundwar and a nice clean Democrat airwar. Oh what to choose, what to choose...

I vote for the airwar. That way we can all make the "junior birdsman" sign at nomination time, in lieu of clapping. Also, I'd totally go for Nerf bombs dropping onto the convention-goers, instead of balloons.


I'm especially happy to see Democratic blogs hugging each other with glee about the Republican candidate in this race attacking Lieberman for being...wait for it...too liberal.

Whose side are we on?

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