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Whips and chains and Hillary

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday October 18, 2006 12:24 PM

J Alva Scruggs passed along this gem:

Clinton Equivocates on Torture

Despite her apparent opposition to torture, Hillary Clinton said in a Daily News editorial board meeting yesterday that the practice is acceptable in some circumstances.

Clinton got a rousing reception from the human rights community, and seemed to take an uncharacteristically bright-line stance, in a recent statement on the Senate floor during the debate over torture.... But at yesterday's Daily News editorial board meeting, it emerged that she's not actually against torture in all instances, and that her dispute with McCain and Bush is largely procedural.

She ... said that there is a place for what she called "severity," in a conversation that included mentioning waterboarding, hypothermia, and other techniques....

"I have said that those are very rare but if they occur there has to be some lawful authority for pursuing that.... There has to be some check and balance, some reporting. I don't mind if it’s reporting in a top secret context....

Now there is a perfect liberal for you. Khmer Rouge police work is fine as long as all the forms are properly filled in.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

You may need to add crackpot proceduralism as a category.

js paine:

sorry you cads
this is not what it seems

orginal caption

mother clinton reveals other side of rahmbo
at party retreat
in secluded west virginia
luxury complex

js paine:

"there is a place for what she called "severity,"

talk about
the mommy dearest party


Ah, the banality of, hmmm, what's the word again?

Waitwaitwait, a "rousing reception from the human rights community?" Since when did Thumbscrews 'R Us qualify as "the human rights community?"

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