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The Connecticut Yellow Party

By Michael J. Smith on Monday October 23, 2006 03:15 PM

Once more the Greens embrace defeat on the brink of victory:
Green Party, Democrats form alliance to back Farrell
By Susan Haigh, AP Political Writer | October 23, 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. --With polls showing a tight matchup in this year's 4th Congressional District race, the Green Party is withdrawing its candidate and throwing support to Democrat Diane Farrell.

"We decided to have a strategic alliance with the Democratic Party because we believed this was the quickest way to achieve peace in the Middle East," said John Sieh, treasurer for Richard Duffee, the Green Party's 4th District candidate.

Really, it's enough to make you weep. Just when they were actually within shooting distance of making an impression, they fold, frightened of their own suddenly lengthening shadow.

I particularly love the idea that an "alliance" -- really, of course, a surrender -- to the Democratic Party will help bring "peace in the Middle East." Yep, that's always been a really high priority for the Democrats, hasn't it?

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Take heart! In California, both North and South, Democrats are endorsing Greens! Check out the website of Bill Paparian, former mayor of Pasadena and Green candidate for Congress running against Bush-Democrat Adam Schiff in the CA-29th . . . endorsed by the Democrat challenger from the primary, and by major Democrat players Bill has a real shot at a win. . . the Dem has even started sniping at the Green!

By by way, your readers can help Bill's campaign by joining his online virtual phonebank -- make couple of calls with Bill's script and turn a few more folks to this popular anti-war alternative.

ALSO: Byron DeLear, running in the CA-28th has been endorsed by progressive Dem candidate Marcy Winograd -- a Dem primary challenger in another district . . . And then THIS from the SF bay area . . .http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/10/23/DEMS.TMP

The Connecticut Greens are a pathetic shadow of a party anyway. Check out this Stamford Advocate article from their candidate's own campaign blog:


"Certain concessions?" WTF? Our local Greens here in MN05 are small, but at least they're not *that* spineless. Sheesh!

js paine:

nice post ...brought forth
a so cal bellow
ain't schifty
the one that squeezed "sds" tom H'z nuts ????

"the hills are alive with the sound of ....the beverly hills that is"


I'm so confused. Why even run a candidate in the first place?

J. Alva Scruggs:

"Why even run a candidate in the first place?"

I'm pretty well convinced that most party apparatchiks, of any party, resent and dislike the people whose votes they want to attract. It's easier to look after the interests of the people who count, them, and that unfortunately means betraying whatever principles they may have had.


It's been lovely, but I have to scream now.

js paine:

for thirdee and one offs
its not about winning or even holding the balance that detremined
which bivalve winz

its about rolling up biggest
non big two toes tally possible

period ....end of seminar

we can survey the damage
to the two party tango
afterwards at our leisure

Thank you.

How Greens could support a Democrat who solidly supported Israeli war crimes in the Lebanon eludes me. We're hardly worried about the "spoiler label" in Massachusetts, where the Green-Rainbow Party shall at last attain ballot status again.

Owen R. Broadhurst
Green-Rainbow Party candidate for
State Representative, 3rd Hampden


"It's been lovely, but I have to scream now."

Take heart, Ms. Xeno! Rich Whitney is polling at 14% in the Illinois Governor's race, and Pat LaMarche is at 9% in Maine. Most of our candidates are in this until the end.

Here in Virginia, our Candidate for Arlington County Board turned down the Dems' offer to drop out and get nothing in return. If you accept the spoiler argument at the national level, the Dems will take it all the way down to the lowest offices.

js "citizen "paine:

"If you accept the spoiler argument at the national level, the Dems will take it all the way down to the lowest offices"

right on !!!!!
the s in my j s is for spoiler


What they're not getting for some reason is that a Democrat-Green alliance in a simple plurality voting system is a Democrat alliance.

May VA Green and the rest kick 'em where it counts, or at least kick in lieu of kissing.

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