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This year, it's all about the base

By Owen Paine on Monday October 9, 2006 05:25 PM

Nice fact:

15 of the Republicans' victories in 1994 could have changed, based on relative base turnout rates. Had Democrats in key districts won a combined 52,000 more votes, there would have been no Speaker Gingrich.

Moral: in these control swings, despite the aggregate drama, it's always close as hell on the ground, district by district. We progs, if we sat this one out, could easily stop this farce faux reversal of power we're headed for this November, and keep the repubs where they belong, in the congressional driver's seat, so it remains 100% their horror show.

Lieberman becomes a repub, and the core winner dems have a nervous breakdown. What's not to like?

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