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An ounce of prevention

By Owen Paine on Friday November 17, 2006 03:40 PM

As you know, I expect a vast bipartisan "coming together " over the Yank Iraqupation, much like the muted subsidence of the party wrangles over 'Nam. Seems everyone inside the beltway with a sense of responsibility wants to "play a few more hands" over there, even as our president is apparently drinking in "inspiration" from the "no quit" policy of... Hanoi! The whispers floating out from the new house majority donk caucus suggest what amounts to decent interval II, under the headline HUMANITY DEMANDS WE STAY.

Well, this just makes it clearer -- we anti-empire types need to leap over the whole grotesque butcher's choice of sooner or later, and cry, whatever the time line of Iraq, "never again!"

Recall after 'Nam that was not the dominant message on the "left", and it won't be now unless we make it so. We need a pledge: "no more armed foreign interventions anywhere any way any time." It's the 21st century update of Washington's "no foreign entanglements."

This pledge needs to be extracted (like the repugs' no-tax pledge) out of any candidate for federal office seriously interested in the "progressive" vote.

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js paine:

if you all think i'm going to
leave belaboring the obvious just cause
no one needs to hear or read any such blow holing
well.... sorrry i can't help myself
i'm a side walk super intendent type

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