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Reading the entrails

By Michael J. Smith on Friday November 17, 2006 09:03 PM

I know it's silly, and it probably reflects a thoroughly inappropriate juvenile intellectual arrogance, but I keep returning to the Murtha-vs-Hoyer battle -- or non-battle -- as a kind of Arnoldian touchstone. If only I could figure this one out, I think, I would have the secret!

Here's the Times' latest. First look at the picture, then read the text, below.

Pelosi Rebuffed Over Her Choice for Majority Leader

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 — House Democrats chose Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland as their new majority leader on Thursday, rejecting the choice of the incoming speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and straining the unity of the new majority party....

“Let the healing begin,” said Ms. Pelosi....

In the view of many Democrats, Ms. Pelosi’s liberal reputation is offset by Mr. Hoyer’s moderate image....

"Image" -- "reputation" -- that says it all, really, doesn't it? This is an exercise in product positioning.

So why does Murtha look so grim? Did he really think he had a shot, the poor old fool? More to the point, why does Rahm look so grim? You would think -- wouldn't you -- that this was a victory for him?

And then there's that funny look on Pelosi's own face -- like a person who has been paid quite a lot to be sodomized, and who's just now figuring out precisely what that entails.

On a side note, I'm deeply amused by the pair of unidentified brown hands protruding into the frame from the right. Never one to underestimate the Times' photo editors -- much as I may despise its writers -- I have to believe that somebody noted the echo of Durer's famous drawing.

These praying hands -- will their owner's prayers be answered? Depends on what the prayers are. If the supplicant is asking for a job, he or she may well get one. But if something is being sought for the race -- well, good luck.

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J. Alva Scruggs:
“Let the healing begin,” said Ms. Pelosi
Anyone care to take bets on when Pelosi says it's time for healing? I put it at fifteen minutes before the end of the 100 hours that's being bruited about. -- et alia commenting here

A lot depends on when those hundred hours are judged to have started, but the main point is solid regardless.

And then there's that funny look on Pelosi's own face -- like a person who has been paid quite a lot to be sodomized, and who's just now figuring out precisely what that entails.

Without going into too many details, I want my money back.


Kremlinology. I would say your description of Pelosi is correct but that Rahm is looking more smug than grim. Rahm is the punk who broke the legs necessary to set up the protection racket and Murtha is the cook who has just realized he is going to start serving a lot of free meals.


Rahm's expression is ambiguous in my low-res version, but I think he looks decidedly grim in the Times' original. But maybe that's just his gangster manner.

js paine:

i'll not comment on what end was up with nan

but rahm looks...low profile to me

recall he was in on a compromise deal too

but regardless of its hue
he hath "a lean and hungry look "

Murtha looks grim because he's just lost a lot of influence for his Pentagon buddies. Rahm's probably still pissed off that only a few of his fighting dem sockpuppets won. Pelosi, well, that's what collegen injections eventually do to your face.

js paine:

"lost a lot of influence for his Pentagon buddies"
a little bird tells me
they aren't too worried
no matter who's cuttin the cake

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