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Balls of empire, part III

By Owen Paine on Tuesday November 21, 2006 07:37 PM

The fact is that we have come a long way. The American people are increasingly dissatisfied with war and Empire--in fact we are sick to death of it.
That's J V Walsh, a 24/7 imperial war stopper.

I wish I saw this the way he does, but I don't. I see plenty of room to finesse this as... a bridge too far; an ambitous mistake; a fool's sand trap, etc. etc.

Hell, we can still be crusaders -- we just need to be smart about it. And as to the fed up little guys -- If you view our overseas emerging market in failed states -- armed intrusions as pure spectacle -- like the NFL, it's hard to not see the "kick".

I vividly recall that armored cav charge across the desert to Baghdad, and the statue topple. Even the pouch-packer line "mission accomplished," framed like that and paid for on Uncle's credit card -- what's not to like about an intervention for freedom?

Even say we pay go it next time, if we just do the old liberation in-and-out, the topple and scram, at $100 billion total package cost, do the math: divided by 140 million households thats less than a grand per viewing family. Say we spread the cost over 18 months, from pre-strike talk to post-topple talk, thats a cable bill upgrade: $40 per month.

See, it's the stickin' around and the breakage fees, the occupation, that's what can get old quick. We need to get our trade partners to pay for this part. Or maybe they are paying for it, by swapping trade goods for our sure to sharply devalue UOUs -- Uncle Owes You, and good luck collecting.

As Herr Scruggs sez at his site:

The consensus of the state elite is that they have the right to meddle, coerce and violently impose their will inside and outside the borders of the country. Doing that outside the borders makes a reflecting effect back in, which allows them to handle domestic repression and exploitation with small violence, narrow legalistic attrition, the perjured media and the self-appointed bootlickers.
Indeed, not only is there twin-tower blow-back, there's feedback too.

But conjure with this, dear children of the white dove: plain Caucasian folks 'round here still don't think the state has a bone for 'em. To them, all this ramping up of the 1984 state is like aquiring a pack of trained attack dogs for the neighborhood. The furry monsters "just all know... by smell" who to roll for, and who needs a savage limb-by-limb ripping apart.

100 million shit-ass jobs, and 2 million straw bosses -- with that out there waiting for 'em 40 hours each week, the "system" can crank out these bloody-minded pro-empire types like blocks of Velveeta.

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The "system" can keep cranking out pro-Empire slabs of Velveeta only so long as they can keep us afraid of the great phantasmagorical international terrorist enemy out to destroy our freedoms with bogus dirty bombs and fictional nuclear suitcases. Once it becomes painfully clear that the boogiemen are just shadow puppets and the tiny terrorist "cells" call for a cops-not-bombs response, it'll be much harder for our betters to sell the fear that gives them a reason for retaining power.

js paine:

yes sir

the terror cell figmentation
is a many splendored thing


An interesting Occam's razor like explanation for the absence of terrorist attacks in US in the last 5 years: "...almost no terrorists exist in the United States and few have the means or the inclination to strike from abroad." If so, one wonders how these students will cope with decades of boredom before the tedium of retirement hits them...

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