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Mouth where the money isn't?

By Michael J. Smith on Friday November 24, 2006 10:59 AM

Here's a Letter To the Editor of the Rutland (Vermont) Herald:
Time for Dems to move on health
November 24, 2006

Back in the '90s we first heard about single payer health care.... In the last legislative sessions here in Vermont the health care issue was brought up again and single payer was the leading favorite with the legislature. It was disappointing, to me, to read in the papers that the speaker of the house, Gaye Symington would not push the issue because she said that Gov. Douglas would veto it and the House Democrats did not have the votes necessary to override the veto. By not pushing the issue the democrats were the losers, not the governor.

With the news that the Democrats in the Vermont Legislature have a majority, that can override any veto by the governor. I hope that single payer health care will finally be adopted, benefiting every person in Vermont.

Good luck with that. Actually, of course, it will be fun to watch, as a kind of small-scale laboratory demonstration -- like a tiny tornado, created with a hair dryer and a carpet steamer, inside an oil drum. But never fear, on the small scale as on the large, the majority will find a way to ensure that it doesn't happen, all the while strenuously protesting their deep commitment. I daresay aisle-crossers will, as usual, play a determining role.

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js paine:

rever-end fatheeer
what is it with u and vermont ??


You know us New Yorkers, JSP. We regard Vermont the way the Mafia regards Cuba -- the playground that got away.

[your hrc quiz appears to be case-senstive]

The California 'crats took a slightly different tack on universal health care, passing it secure in the knowledge that our 'pug Gov would veto it. Many paths to the same destination.

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