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Realism: a transient disorder

By Owen Paine on Saturday November 25, 2006 04:18 AM

For a lazy genius like yours truly, it's wonderful to find the entire multitude of venal "goo goo with a gun" idiocy huddled together in the works of one mind. So I thank J Alva for Mr Packer here:


Read and delight:

We are all realists now. Iraq has turned conservatives and liberals alike into cold-eyed believers in a foreign policy that narrowly calculates national interest without much concern for what goes on inside other countries.... At some point, events will remind Americans that currently discredited concepts such as humanitarian intervention and nation-building have a lot to do with national security-that they originated as necessary evils to prevent greater evils. But, for now, Kissingerism is king.
Yes, this is a boo-hoo -- we're cuttin' and runnin'. Oh, the humanity!

If there be an exact antithesis to my views -- thar she blows.

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