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Waving the brown shirt at the Yellow Peril...

By Owen Paine on Wednesday November 29, 2006 10:34 PM

... and calling 'em all Reds into the bargain: that's the gist of a recent post at the AFL-CIA blog site. It's rabid, it's foolish, it's, well, forgive my old sectarian slip showing here, it's class traitorship. The AFL-CIA -- not for the first time -- are carrying water for the profiteers they got contracts with.

Here's a specimen -- it's the steel and rubber union prez foaming at the mouth:

...there is no better evidence than at Goodyear, where 15,000 of our members have been forced out on strike by a company that has announced it plans to increase its tire imports ten-fold from Communist China, where workers are routinely oppressed.
Communist China! With Communist plots to do Communist harm to our free nation! God, these union guys are trogs. But back to the steel-and-rubber prez:
Our manufacturers here at home are finding it harder and harder to compete against an economic system in China that is built on oppressed workers, subsidized inputs and capital, stolen intellectual property and other unfair advantages.
Stolen intellectual property! Oh man, I'm steamin' mad now, and I bet Father Smiff has got the bell, book, and candle out. By comparison, the bit about "subsidized inputs" hardly seems impudent at all.

But here's the best:

China also keeps its currency value artificially low, making its exports cheaper and imports more expensive.
So the "labor movement" -- and what a sick joke that phrase is, as applied to the likes of this know-nothing -- lay that one on Peking too, and not on Wall Street and the Fed!

This boughten fool has turned reality on its head, and let his members' real enemies right off the hook. Sure, we need to stop the job export boom -- but we need to put the blame where it belongs, and keep it there.

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