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Rubin: so, what's your sign? Do you come here often?

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 6, 2006 08:23 PM

Daniel went into the lions' -- err, that is, Bob Rubin faced the new donkey caucus behind closed doors today. And according to party sax player and incipient beetle-brow Dave Sirota -- who, btw, has more donkey hoof marks on his face than a Sicilian bedroom floor -- the blue team spoke back to power in no uncertain terms! One by one, they rose to the challenge, and gave Wall Street Bobby the hoot and holler. Yup, the gang gave old Bob a pronging ... or so the source claims.

Read Sirota's redaction for yourself, but sounds to me like a year's supply of bologna. As reported, and as I read 'em, each one sounded less and less like Brutus at the fall of Caesar, and more and more like Falstaff's account of his woodland "mugging " by Prince Hal.

It's really "vastly amusing," isn't it, as an ex-girlfriend of mine use to say, 35 years ago, after watching a string of farcical little pipsqueaks approach and try to impress her, on a Friday night in one of those early 70's era dating bar settings.

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