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Dracula and the domme

By Michael J. Smith on Monday January 29, 2007 10:34 PM

From Nancy's hometown newspaper:

Pelosi's trip: She believes more strongly that withdrawal will help region, says troops deserve better policies than president's

(01-29) 04:00 PST Washington -- Three days in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have made House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even more certain of her view that moving troops out of Iraq is the best way to bring stability to the region, she told The Chronicle on Sunday....

Pelosi's visit comes as Congress readies a resolution opposing Bush's plan for new troops to Iraq....

A clear majority of senators oppose the president's troop increase, although competing resolutions and a filibuster threat make vote counts difficult. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., predicted Sunday that fewer than 20 senators -- not even half of the 49 Republicans -- would be willing to voice support for Bush's plan.....

Lantos reiterated Pelosi's opposition to Bush's war plans.

"What we saw and heard in Baghdad leaves me even more convinced than before that the administration's 'stay the course' approach will only lead us deeper into disaster,'' Lantos said. "Placing more troops in harm's way in order to shore up a failed policy is unconscionably reckless and only compounds the mistakes already made.''

Lantos is opposing the "surge"? Has Nancy cracked the whip and brought him to heel? Has Lucy got the Injun sign over the Count?

Alas, no. Lantos' acquiescence gives the game away -- nobody, not even the Israel lobby, is serious about the "surge". Defeating this non-initiative is, as Owen's brother pointed out here some time ago, a way to present the status quo as victory. I think we can all write the history of the next few weeks.

Note, too, the now-obligatory "harm's way" trope. Wake me up when somebody says we shouldn't be putting people in Harman's way.

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Off-topic, but you don't have open threads:

I've started a Facebook group called "Nobody For President '08!" If you have a Stop Me college student, or feel like colonizing the social networking world, there you go.

Jesus Reyes:

Hmm. That does give one pause. So who is Holy Joe providing cover for? The surge is ridiculous on the face of it because the problem is way bigger than 20,000 troops.

And what of Dr. Rice's well publicized strategic "realignment" which is clearly an effort to manufacture, regionalize and exploit the sunni/shia conflict, with the "moderates" (Saudi, etc) vs. the "extremists" (Iran, etc) financing/arming the "target administrations" (Hezbollah/Siniora, Hamas/Fatah, Ba'ath/Maliki) who are in the middle and now fighting as proxies as in the "cold war" model. Plus the "blue game matrix' assassination program for the Iranian agents in Iraq of which there is at least 32,000 and probably 100,000, not to mention more battleships to the Gulf; deployment of Patriot missiles in the region; invasion of Somalia; provoking Iran; cutting off any chance of talks with Syria;

I think the Herzliya conference says they are not walking away.

Maybe Lantos is saying that the "surge" is cover for this new shiny juggernaut which will put us in the business of managing a war rather than fighting one.

royal WE:

"put us in the business of managing a war rather than fighting one "

do you mean a wider regional set to ??
where proxy fights proxy ??

those are rare
the record over 60 years
tends to require
on one side
' a principle plus a proxy or two '
on the other side
" a principle
with a principal or two '
but only
non combatant friends to help out
seeing the principle with principal
as good as a proxy
without being a proxy

in this case
iran might well receive
chinese and even russian
material support
to forward
their' curb uncle 'agenda
being anybody's proxy

but iraq per se having no national reality
can only exist as uncle's cats paw proxy

all well and good

but too much to digest now inside uncle's gut

he won't soon push to widen or deepen
the conflict

his iran bluster is just that

hey folks
cut BIG SAM some slack here ....

he just made a prize fool out of himself

owen paine:

its pure propaganda and mischief
to believe the arab shia are proxy forces
for teheran
not in iraq or in ...the lebanon ...either

royal may miss the details here its got its counterpoints


"there will be no wider war "

iran is to be contained
not cracked open
not even seriously constricted

my longer view take:

watch for a bi partisan
try at
detente on the gulf
after 08
going either way


All we can do is guess, I guess. I personally guess the "surge" was never meant to be taken seriously -- resisting it is a smokescreen for the Democrats taking over the management of the war. (We now have our hunger chancellors.)

Whether the hegemon and his outriders and eggers-on will ideed take on Iran is anybody's guess. To paraphrase RN, "It would be hubris... that's for sure." I suppose this is the basis of comrade Owen's confidence that it's all just hot air.

Me, I'm not so sure. The Saudis and the oil sheikhdoms seem pretty worked up about Iran, and an alignment between them and the Israelis would have a fair amount of leverage with Uncle.

owen paine:

"a smokescreen for the Democrats taking over the management of the war"

and if we see here
a sly bit of bi partisanship
in the orhtrian style

well its always
lying in wait
on the over hanging branch above us
ready to pounce

and if per chance
this amounts to a bail out of the repugs

well so be it

themzzz the wages
if ya wanna
share the pilot house of empire
and indeed the st hills and the Biden bones
and the Obam-awam-aHs
want ever so much to do just that

owen paine:

by the way what's on vamp's tie there

guernica ??

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