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Love that quagmire

By Owen Paine on Tuesday January 30, 2007 10:22 PM

Got an e-mail from my older brother JS:

Heavens to Betsy, baby O -- I come back from dumpin' off the domestic partner at the airport, well past two AM, her designer luggage filled with leg irons, her Valley Of The Dolls daughter and a doped-up dog that feels like a warm loaf of bread in his pooch pouch... where was I? Oh yeah, I've just no more than returned to her stately cape by the sea, and hit the rack and -- there's the phone! Ringing like sleep's sleeve-unraveller supreme.

Naturally, it's my shadowy source, Mr Y from Foggy Bottom, that dissolute scion of four generations of FSOs, each nuttier than the last.

"Jaybo!" he shrieks, "now you're no longer there to guide the proceedings past the obvious traps, I see the holy father's site is gleefully making mountains out of stage props!"

He went on in that vein for quite a while -- cocaine, you know, is still considered quite hip in Washington -- but here's the gist:

"The Iraq occ has two, maybe three year legs... It just ain't that costly in blood weight, and to the backers -- well, it's win/win by lose/lose. Like Korea after the Chicoms entered screaming... it's a very swell ongoing demo of our limits. Message to the rube-iat: take these fuckers seriously.

"It feeds the brass hats' plans -- helps 'em consolidate a permanent surge, a real $100 bil per annum surge in Uncle's two ground services. Shows we need a jump-up in our full-time, ready-to-hop boot strength?

"Kim and Hug and that dude in the turban, with the black beard -- they're all laughin' at Uncle, stuck in that sand trap. And meanwhile, on the dark side, it keeps Iran turning on the spit: yer 'it' in the schoolyard, bub.

"And the tens of billions per quarter down the rathole over there? Come on, big big plus side item, global manna for the trans-nats -- contracts get let to dig holes, contracts get let to fill holes. Oil price stabilize at 50 not 25 dollars per -- and with the earth-wide capital glut, this is better use of surplus funds than all that crazy-ass hedge-funding. Hell, that's like a trillion pounds of nitro movin' around the planet at internet speed."

Okay, little O, I grant you he's crazy as a bedbug, and lord knows what illicit substances are flowing in his veins -- but give the bastard credit. He's always walkin' on the big-picture side of life.

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Only two or three years? Please! Who would let go of something this wildly lucrative that quickly? It would be like MGM saying "Oh, we'll make a couple more Bond movies and then call it quits." Ain't gonna happen.

owen paine:

alan :

occupation type conditions
for ever ????

that's hard to call
some occs do seem destined
to last for ever

the last slab of ireland
looks now to be
at long last reaching
a release date
from the english foxes
but that's next door

long range stuff like the raj ?????


at any rate
not that i'd try glossing y here...
(thatsexceedingly dangerous)
but i think he's talking
only about
" as the deal
is moving now.....'
open conflict

recall this same y sees
a "bi partisan" detente move
with iran
a fort kurd
a palestine bride for baron zionic
within 6 years

imagine all that
out there
after the b=c mind meld
is swept from the oval office

"either party "

he got y ray eyes.... eh ??


if ---like our father who art---
you see the oil sheiks
as on high freak mode
over iranistan
these days

here's a snippet
from the mouth
of five martinee oil man
i over heard
acing some diplomat's
deep chested second wife
at a george town cocktail party
three nites ago
for me at least
it refreshed my thinking
--albeit in a non contextual
sense ----
on the minds and wills
of those
epicene statesmen
along the gulf's west coast over there

" madame
behind closed curtains
any one of
those royal towel racks
would fuck
a dancing pig in a flowered hat
so long as it meant
'i get to keep
my oil gig goin ' "

owen p:

just found this comment over at max speak
its by bro js

"But an air attack looks all too doable,"

fine ..i agree ..but why ??

i find very few chapters in history
that read like this

"in a bold effort
to divert attention for its own internal disarray
and regional ' can't leave bloody quagmire '
the x regime after suitable pretexting
bombed the neighboring hostile regional power ....


bombing has no purpose not better served by
staying at the rattling bomb racks stage

to me the story we peace now types need to bang home

this red headed clown act is flying cover
for the do nothing donk congress
"its all we can do just to keep this wacko outfit
from touching off world war three !!!"

please lets not be so easily gamed

this is pro wrestlin fans

its fixed

the story line is clear

we drag our feet in iraq
hopin for a hail mary
end zone completion
and mean while we let this fiasco
justify a 100 bills per annum
build up in our action ready
ground force capability
and folks that's about as bi partisan
among the establishment types
as mom's stem cell pie
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