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Fight for peace

By Owen Paine on Monday January 29, 2007 10:59 AM

I was not in Washington on the Mall Saturday -- shame on me. Here's a rather unfortunate take on the gathered multitude:


Okay. That is not really accurate. There were many more people than 'tens of thousands'. I can tell this by comparing the crowd to a Michigan football game. Michigan alum ejmw concurs with my estimate of well over the sellout crowd at Ann Arbor.
We gotta do a lot better than out-draw Wolverine home games -- say more like 10 cities, 10 million pairs of feet. This is way far from over; but the trajectory of these successive mob risings is not easily figured.

We may have seen an early apex; we may have seen merely the beginning. The youth mod department needs to kick in fiercely, and if the raw-to-cooked ratio in the Mall yesterday was higher on raw, we may see a serious size surge at the next goaround.

I think we'll need to galvanize with a to-do while there -- maybe a real "occupation" of the mall this spring. March in March at the time of the Congress votes on Iraq funds. And how's about a homecoming beltway encampment: we ain't leaving Peace-lager 07 (pop. 1 million) till our kids over there are back here.

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royal we:


davey lindoff thinks the spineless donkery won't daredo the needful
try to impeach these white house ghouls

but he adds a nice link:

".. check out the new release of a video,
"The Case for Impeachment,"
by Squeaky Wheel Productions,
available at: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=apfnorg ...."

but in the better world in our heads
comes the pollyanna thought.....

' maybe the donk congress leadership

--- even
though chronic
dedicated peerless
tuffet sitters
tes sippers
and lace cuff
and wet noodle warriors -----

may still and all

--- behind the green door---

' impeachment proceedings '


the cheney /bush brain meld .....


"guys unless u all
terminate this here occ pronto ..."

and if they aren't ???

if its all just so much
front satge
'dust blowin thru the fart tunnel'???

the deduction is obvious

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