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More Ford dribble

By Owen Paine on Monday January 1, 2007 02:17 PM

Speaking of the Ford legacy, read the passage below -- its by Miracle Max's nerdlinger "answer man" sidekick, Barkey Bark:



...appointing John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court.... Stevens has been the unequivocal leader of the liberal wing of the Court.... I simply hope that he hangs on until at least Bush is out of the White House.... I thank the late President Ford for having appointed him.

Please! The "liberal wing" of a star chamber?

This is the basis of much lesser-evilism, isn't it? i call it "the five Earls fantasy" -- Earl as in Earl Warren, the former kommandante of Kalifornia during the Japanese concentration kamp era, who by appointment morphed into the master of all deliberate speed.

Yes give us five Earls on the court, by all means and in perpetuity. Hell, after 35 more years of that, by now we'd all be higher then park pigeons, and prolly fucking George Jetson's daughter in the ear, too, just for kicks, arnd carving up that damn son of his for lunch meat -- or vice versa. "Free to be me" courtesy of the eternal Warren court.

Of course, the Fed's worse even than the Supreme Court, and Ford gave Greenspan his start in public life -- remember Whip Inflation Now?

Rule of boomer professional-class yuppery: we need a highest court that can at will thwart the booboisie idiocy of our white yokel majority. When the hicks and grease spots try to block my life-style's self-realization -- bango jango, "sorry, that's unconstitutional, you lowly porch pigs."

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All right. See, I completely was nodding along to this post right up until the last paragraph. All I have to say about that is that there are a whole lot of people who are invested in the issues you're alluding to for reasons other than being sneering, yokel-hating yuppies.

Some of us take our civil liberties seriously, you know, and I consider it a valid argument against the Dems that they're pretty quick to throw any "special interest" but corporations under the train.

But yes, there is a peculiar tendency amongst pwogs to accept the most odious people on the Supreme Court as long as an occasional bone is thrown. Refer to the slobbering over O'Connor, for instance.

js paine:

"Some of us take our civil liberties seriously"

well black folks and other non pal face types don't

and why???
because they know what those
" promises " are worth
coming from
"the state" that gave em
jim crow and the amer-japanese
internment kamp 13

places like brownsville
and "little tokyo" produce a very different
sense of "the state and me "

problem here
we take symptons as causation

the bill of rights is a ritual
its substance was the result of the balance of power between elements in civil society

we white straight fellahs
just haven't the gut instinct
for the turns of a cyclops state

cause we haven't felt its bite
at least not in
"living memory"

the gun can be turned on any one
even any majority

just like the supreme court


Certainly, but concern over the direction of the Supreme Court, albeit possibly misguided, is hardly rooted in some sort of bourgeois elitism. There are a lot of women, for instance, who very fervently believe that Roe v. Wade is at stake -- and if so, is there any reason they shouldn't be concerned?

js paine:

roe v wade is a very unfortunate battle ground for womens rights in this era of the day after pill

"the state" dictating to women
as women
the state removing womens'
freedom to choose
a better america for themselves
has a number of avenues
that the democrats
refuse to address

let's start with systemic
gender based wage structures
or health care gender bias

or even among " elite" issues
across the board
grad school to top of profession
female percent drop offs

compared to these issues
i consider the 5 warren court
defense of post conception birth choice
a very small recompense for continuing dem party support
by progressive women

js paine:

elsewhere i was asked...

"Are you sneering at concerns that the Court will
overturn Roe v. Wade? "

i must confess...i am "sneering" but more at the dire predictions of its
probable consequences
in the era of a day after pill

i suspect it will be a political wind fall for us progs
as it will surely antagonize many many folks
who may now fail to value this "right "
and more to the point
democratic dynamics can play out here
as it should i think
as with the death penalty
and ....civil unions

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