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There are lobbies and there are lobbies

By Owen Paine on Monday January 1, 2007 04:52 PM

Putting my posts where my mouth is -- let's ease off on the Lobby, by hitting a few other nasty brutes. Here's a candidate -- it's a whole cabal of interlinked lobbies, each one in great need of a serious ass-kicking: the Aggies, from cotton to corn, and back by way of sugar and rice. There's a nice article about these miscreants in the Washpost:


Point one in the indictment oughta be aimed at the hearts and minds of the goo-goo boo-hoos, and it's this: the subsidy system in agriculture has hideous global impact -- yes, serious millions in increased misery, through ruination of the earth's real family farmers: the hand to mouth guys who actually produce with their own hands what they eat, and sell what little they don't for what little cash value it has. The upshot of subsidized Yankee crops is a dump on the planet's southern markets, so the cash value of the local "family" crops plunge. And as if that ain't enough, we double down on 'em by blocking their own attempt to export to us any crops that would plunge our own market prices.

Now since this perpetual glut floods on and on, and it has Uncle's label on it, naturally we must look to the new House majority party for solutions -- right?

*Cue ghoulish laughter SFX*

Key Dem rep needing a death squeeze here: C. Peterson of Minnesota.

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