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MoveOn: an ogress, yes, but such a nice ogress

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday January 18, 2007 05:46 PM

Asked if MoveOn members would be upset with Sen. Clinton for not proposing (as John Edwards has done) to flex the power of the purse, Tom Matzzie, MoveOn's Washington director, told ABC News, "Our members are not of one mind on that" and he praised her for recognizing that the Senate "has a role" in checking President Bush's plan to send additional U.S. troops to Iraq.

"She's farther ahead than most other 2008 candidates with the exceptions of Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards," said Matzzie.

What a Life Of Brian moment: Hillary, she ain't all bad. She recognizes that the Senate "has a role". And she's in, what, the 25th percentile among 2008 candidates? Always look on the bright side of life, as Eric Idle cheerfully sings to the crucified Graham Chapman:

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LA Confidential Pantload:

Well, I think it's obvious he meant "on a roll" which we'll see about the time Marty wins a Superbowl.

js paine:

bevis or butt head might notice

"jeeezus has a sheath on... heh heh heh "

Always vote for the less-evil guy.
Always vote for the less-evil guy.

Your party's jolly rotten,
and your vote has been forgotten,
'Cause the Diebold voting machine deletes all that.
Your rights are in the dumps?
Don't be silly chumps!
Just pull the lever for a Republicrat!


Always vote for the less-evil guy.
Always vote for the less-evil guy.

js paine:

we need

stop me : the musical

you have its central choral number

like spring time for hitler

Brilliant, Alan !! :D

js paine:

alan eviler "runs " better then evil

try it
i used to be a lyric doctor in the catskills

I think you're right. It's either extend the 'e' in evil or use a third syllable. Yeah, that is better. Thanks Mr. Cohen! :-)


Lovely stuff, Alan.

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