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Occupy the occupiers, bis

By Owen Paine on Friday January 12, 2007 10:13 PM

More on Operation Occupation from honcho Jeff Leys :
"The premise is simple. Representatives and Senators: publicly pledge to vote against the $100 billion supplemental war spending package which President Bush will submit in early February or we will occupy your offices...This will not be a singular action on a single day. We will return again and again and again until you pledge to vote against funds for the Iraq war....
Leys here demonstrates a keen awareness of the terms of confrontation -- the various budget sections and functional areas like procurement, operations and maintenence.

We need to bone up on the funding battle's various components and the history of these struggles.

The Kos/Mydd-type "soulful peaceniks" will no doubt try to hide the naked truth from themselves with a wardrobe of lies -- starting with stuff like Biden's judo chop last week: maybe non-funding is... illegal! And lord knows, we wouldn't want to break the law.


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Cutting off funding for this war is...illegal?

You'll all pardon me for a moment as I double over and collapse in shuddering paroxysms of laughter.

Stop me if I'm wrong, here, but doesn't the Constitution require a formal Declaration Of War that is then voted up or down by Congress?

Also, doesn't the friggin' War Powers Act -- passed after a similarly illegally carried-out debacle in Vietnam -- give Congress the authority to cut off funding for any subsequent similar debacle?

No, it's not that the Democrats don't have the "Constitutional authority" -- as I heard some Congressional Democratic weasel whine; it's that the Democrats are -- not to be too blunt about it -- a bunch of goddamn' cowards.

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