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Baucus horribilis

By Owen Paine on Friday January 12, 2007 12:59 PM

Father Smiff has bad takeoff conditions down at Stop Me's main airstrip, so I'm throwing this in, though the Senate is not my beat:

Beware the Baucus one-man caucus. Our father has warned us before, but here's a nice piece on the Montana banana peel, by Wash Poster Steve Pearlstein:


Baucus is surely entitled to his opinions, and entitled to do what is necessary to assure his own political survival, he is not entitled to be chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which handles such key Democratic issues as health care, trade and tax policy. That position ought to be reserved for a statesman with enough political confidence and backbone that he isn't constantly sacrificing the interests of his party and his country to the narrow interests of his subsidy-addicted constituents.
Case in point: watch the hocus Baucus as he tries to backload the new min wage bill with humane corporate pig blubber -- all the better to buffer the poor payroll meet-ers of America from the class envy onslaught of a legal higher gauge for the nation's 5 million-plus totally skill-less bottom-feeding job geefs.

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