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Who's dressing Hillary: part one

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday January 21, 2007 11:35 PM

Mile Flugennock writes:
Never mind the hypocrisy, cravenness, cowardice, opportunistic bandwagon-jumping, bloodthirst and power lust; the question in the top of my brain at this hour of the morning is: Who the hell is picking out Hillary's clothes? Seriously, man, is she picking out her own goddamn' outfits?

She's got this one with a dark blue jacket and about a million round brass buttons down the front, which looks like something she stole from a military cadet.

There's another one in powder blue which looks like a suit worn by an imperialist dictator's wife, likely made out of the same stuff that Our Beloved Kim Jong Il uses for his suits.

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Gotta admit, I still find her attractive -- on a purely personal level, I mean, and in spite of the incredibly ill-judged couture and the K-Mart facelift. Or maybe
because of them. I'm a loyal guy, and once my heart is engaged... well. Ahem.

Suppose she were to give up politics -- imsgine the energies that would be released! The brainiacs who gave us nuclear fission, insufficiently impressed by the elemental powers of the cosmos, might still hesitate to unleash all that choked libido.

Not me, though. I say, let slip the dogs, and the chips fall where they may.

Rumpy-pumpy with Hillary? Naah, I could never "hit 'er"; her whole vibe is just too damn' ice cold for me. Rumor had it during the Vince Foster conspiracy craze that the late Mr. Foster had been having an affair with Hillary, but somehow I just couldn't imagine her with anybody but Sidney Blumenthal.

I'll tell you who I like, though, is...sshhhhh... Katherine Harris. I'm not kidding. Those damn' sexless power suits you see her in at her office or in TV interviews or official foto ops really do hide a lot. Instead, check out some fotos of her when she's doing some on-tour campaign appearances on horseback at county fairs, or horse shows, in cowgal boots and comfortably snug Levi's and sweater -- that woman's got a fairly booming body, and I'd happily take a crack at her if she's just promise to find herself a proper make-up consultant and ditch that goddamn' Cruella DeVille paint job.

Oh, and by the way, ladies...instead of bitching about "objectification", please feel free to chime in on how well -- or poorly -- male politicians dress (although all mens' "professional" outfits are pretty much the same). xSenator "Breck Boy" Edwards has always been a favorite of mine, and that night in '00 when Dubya and Gore went on wearing nearly identical red ties spoke volumes about the "difference" between Republicrats and Demopublicans.

And let's not forget what has to be the most amazing mens' fashion moment in all of Amerikan politics -- the night President Shrub wore this silver-gray tie with a sort of a dull sheen to the fabric that caused it to shimmer in this kind of op-artish color-refracting effect on TV. I recall that evening he was giving one of his more "important" speeches -- which turned out to be a howler, of course -- and all my pals and I were joking that his psychedelic shimmering electric tie was a psyops ploy intended to induce post-hypnotic suggestions to the population to support the war.


That is easily the most hilariously unfortunate get-up I've ever seen. Does she have enemies in haute couture -- too?! That looks like the kind of thing I might want to do to someone I hated. It looks, quite frankly, like a dress conceived as a wedding cake.

MJS, eventually you're going to have to concede that everything -- every last little thing -- the Democrats do is designed to demoralize some group in their constituency. There can be no other explanation.

Mike, where on earth do you find these things?

Jesus Reyes:

It's the Margaret Thatcher look, the DLC thinks it appeals to neoliberals.

"HILLARY CLINTON is to be presented as America’s Margaret Thatcher...

“Their policies are totally different but they are both perceived as very tough,” said Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman"

Mr. Blackwell should put her on his "Please Kill" list.

Looks like confession time here and, well, as long as it's just us guys here - I've always kinda had a thing for Condi. seriously! Dudes, that skinniness, that overbite, that neo-fascism, grrrrr!

js paine:

at long last gentlemen
have you learned nothing !!!!!

did betty friedaniels or whatecer her name was
not even slow your slavering brure hood ???

my daughter reads this blog..on occasion...and if she should happen to ...

i can just imagine
the e mail waiting for me

"hey pops u're ahhh linked to that outfit
right ???
i ask
cause they got some
get down trog blog
huy frug cookin over their right now

u better join in
before they leave on a road trip to reno
without you"

js paine:

as soren kierke wrote in his journal

"irony hides the I under a pile
of tattered learning ..."

try some you bums !!!!!

scruggs et tu

i'd have thought
at least in your case
surely a gender free
inner "we"
might have stayed your finger tips

js paine:

choked libido indeed

why you aweful aweful men

you all should
be strangled
--right this second---
with your own elastized peckers

I think that male politicians should all sport those huge surrealist sweaters that Pa Cosby always wore on his 1980s show. With khaki shorts and black socks.

Visualizing that is ample punishment for Mike F, and for the rest of you...


A very measured response on Ms X's part. We desrved much, much worse.

You only got off this easily because I couldn't find my Junior High School notebook of poetry, Smith. I may have accidentally shredded it last week when I was disposing of 1998's tax papers.

Did I mention that the he-men will all be wearing "suntan" colored L'eggs hose under the black socks ? Oh, and Oxblood Italian tassel loafers over the socks ?

Uncle, Ms X, Uncle! Onkle! Tio! Ujak!

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