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Cartoons and caricatures

By Owen Paine on Wednesday February 7, 2007 11:11 PM

Ripped straight from yesterday's headlines:


You boho wonders showed us what's what in Pitchfork Town. I can only sit back and savor it all. You're harbingers of why I put so much hope in the younger generation.

Compared to this spooky cellar cavity pallorous clown kappery, the yippies look like yuppies. You were strainlessly superior -- the boomer press lynchery was putty in your hands.

The mayor looked like some officious dribble straw-boss out of Moon Mullins.

You made us all a cartoon strip. You, baby, are the three-D -- we're the flatlanders. You played us all like Gretsky and Orr.

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royal paine:

mock the G-WOT mock the G-WOT

Mooninites > Boston!

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