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Hey, warmongers can be liberals too

By Owen Paine on Wednesday February 7, 2007 10:18 PM

File this under: can't beat the Devil at his own game.


It's by Johnny Chait, warmonger and prat-boy first class of Empire.

I don't want to accuse American doves of rooting for the United States to lose in Iraq.... they understand the dire consequences of defeat....
Notice the force-feeding -- "dire"? Really, Johnny, what particularly enfeebled doves have you in mind here?
... the [doves'] urge to gloat is powerful and some of them do seem to be having a grand time in the wake of being vindicated...
Well don't we all, Johnny? If it ever happened that you were vindicated, you'd be crowing like Chanticleer. But here's the meaty heart of this column:
Radar magazine recently published an article bemoaning the fact that pro-war liberal pundits [read: people like me] have not been drummed out of the profession for their error....

It's not hard to imagine where this is going, is it?

This pusillanimous tower toady wants to retain his liberal pundit auctoritas despite all his egregious war pandering. And since the best defense is always a good offense, his approach is to attack the doves' record of failed prognosticating in prior wars. Implication: so what if they got this one right -- even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

But in particular -- and yes, Johnny has a very particular rival in mind -- he wants us to forget about elevating "lefty foreign policy guru Jonathan Schell" to anything resembling auctoritas.

Schell recently had the gloatful impudence to sniff

'There doesn't seem to be a rush to find the people who were right about Iraq [like me] and install them in the mainstream media.'

Well, that certainly sounds like it might have an impact on Johnnie's bottom line.

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