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Icebergs ahead (again) for the Great Coalition?

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday February 28, 2007 10:48 AM

If, as Toni Morrison once famously, and fatuously said, Bill Clinton was "our first black president," it's starting to look as though Hillary may not be our second -- at least, if black folks have anything to say about it:


Among the Democrats, Clinton still leads, but by less of a margin than last month, given a seven-point gain in support for Barack Obama. His advance has come overwhelmingly among African-Americans, many of whom likely have learned more about Obama in recent news coverage.

Clinton's support, meanwhile, slipped by five points. The reason, again, is entirely blacks. In ABC/Post polls in December and January, she led Obama among African-Americans by 60-20 percent. Today it's a 44-30 percent race among blacks, with Obama in front.

This could get interesting if blacks rally behind Obama, since as noted here yesterday, the Israel lobby doesn't so far like him one little bit. Dare we hope for some delightful fireworks on this one? The phoney Dembo story line of a harmonious Great Coalition between American blacks and Israeli ethnic cleansers might fall embarrassingly apart again -- and wouldn't that be fun!

Naah, don't get your hopes up, Smith. Barack will make the necessary obeisances, surely, and get himself certified kosher by our favorite cluster-bomb customer. Or Hillary will find a way to take him out before he can cause too much trouble. Or maybe the whole story is a Triangle Productions film from start to finish, in which everybody knows their lines already, and whose leaden denouement is a Clinton-Obama ticket.

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royal paine:

the poll from the promised land
was total dis info

the folks
over there haven't a clueof course
they shoot from the hip
at black faces ..after jesse 84

but the transmission effect
of their meaningless thumbs down
will make oby one "gesture" their way ...soon

need less to say
his personal bone straight
self serious dignity
will require it be ...a dignified and statesman like gesture
(gregory peckish ought to hit the right tone )

-- of course nearly anything
will look dignified
after edwards
with his
"just tell which one of you
i need to blow first" ---

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